Guide to Meeting and Dating Cougars, Picking Up Older Women

Hey everyone! So Findgirlsdating always getting these requests about writing a piece about meeting, dating and picking up older women or cougars, as they like to be called. A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about my relationship with an older Brazilian woman which happened to be one of the most amazing experiences in my Read more about Guide to Meeting and Dating Cougars, Picking Up Older Women[…]

Girlfriend Habits That Guys Love

I know a lot of you don’t believe it but men are simple creatures and super easy to deal with. But to most men, women are mysterious, alluring and sweet smelling creatures prone to pampering and being pampered and the perfect counterbalance to the brashness that exists in our masculine selves. Men also love the fact Read more about Girlfriend Habits That Guys Love[…]

Online Dating Myths Uncovered

Although dating, both traditionally and over the Internet, is supposed to be fun, many men struggle with this process. Some men struggle because they are new to dating or Internet dating, while others struggle because they simply don’t understand women and have a rough time connecting and communicating with them. Below you’ll find some tips Read more about Online Dating Myths Uncovered[…]

Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun

Come on ladies – it’s not really your favorite thing on the menu. Anal sex is more thought of along the same lines as seedy sex toy stores and old men in string vests. Despite the taboo still surrounding this exotic part of love making, women all over the world are starting to openly admit Read more about Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun[…]