15 Interesting Facts About Sex

Sex is truly a wonderful thing and those fortunate to experience it on daily basis most likely don’t even know 10% of sex facts. There are some many other things that goes on during sex and happens due to stimulation that many adults truly don’t know about it. To most adults sex is only about pleasuring themselves and pleasuring others, but that is the extent of their knowledge.

15 Interesting Facts About Sex

Continue reading on to see what are the 15 Interesting Facts About Sex:

1. A woman’s breast can swell up 25% when she is aroused. This swelling also causes the breast to be extra sensitive.

2. It feels good to a woman when a man grinds up against her vagina because a woman’s clitoris nerve endings are extended all the way up to that area as well.

3. A guy should make sure he plays with a woman’s nipples as he is playing with her clitoris or vagina as the nipple stimulation activates the same area of the brain as the vagina and clitoris.

4. Thrusting is important as it stimulates pelvic muscles which in turn helps a person have an orgasm.

5. A woman’s clitoris doesn’t stop growing until she is 32 years old. It will be around four times bigger than it was when she was a teenager.

6. A guy should have sex three to five times a week to prevent any future erectile dysfunction issues that might happen later in life. He has to put those muscles to work so that it stays in tip top shape.

7. If a woman wears a minty lip gloss or lip stick and kisses a man this will send a tingly sensation to his penis due to the menthol.

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8. On average men in their 20s masturbate about 12 times a month while women in their 20s masturbate about 5 times a month.

9. A woman raises her odds of having an intense orgasm as she gets older.

10. A woman who has sex while on her time of the month will have less cramps as having sex will eliminate cramps.

11. If a guy is close to exploding a woman can grip his penis head for a couple of seconds to help prevent him from unleashing his load too

12. Around 14% of women can have orgasms from nontraditional stimulation areas. Such as they can have an orgasm from being touched in another area that is not clitoris.

13. Having sex can make you have a stronger immune system. So have more sex while you are sick to heal faster.

14. Making out can burn about 5 calories per minute.

15. Around 50% of women can simply have an orgasm while working out with no sexual stimulation.

Now that you know a little bit more about sex you can now honestly enjoy it! Having sexual knowledge is definitely important to have and can surely make you a sex expert.