10 Weirdest Yet Popular Sex Myths

How can you engage in an activity and not make yourself knowledgeable about everything and anything about it? Some sex myths have been around for ages and there are some people who still believe them to be true. Which is weird because most don’t even make sense. Enjoy reading about the 10 Weirdest Yet Popular Sex Myths:

10 Weirdest Yet Popular Sex Myths

1. You can tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his feet. Not sure where this came from, but there is no scientific connection between a foot and a penis.

2. Women cannot have casual sex because they are emotional. Have you heard about hookers? They have casual sex all the time and get paid for it. They are not emotionally attached to the guy, but they are attached to the money. There are plenty of women who involve themselves in casual sex and do not develop any feelings. They know it is just sex, nothing more.

3. The average size of a penis is eight inches. Eight inches is definitely the preferred size, but the average penis size is actually 5 inches. Most men are around six inches.

4. Women can’t get pregnant in hot tubs. If you junk is inside a chick raw and you do your business in her. She is most likely going to get pregnant. The heat is not going to kill off your soldiers.

5. Mountain Dew decreases a man’s sperm count. This popular drink actually doesn’t decrease the man’s sperm count, but gives him energy for the day. This means more sex time.

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6. Blue balls can cause death. Yes, if a man has blue balls he will definitely feel pain in his testicles, but blue balls do not cause death. If this were true there will be millions of young boys and men filling up the morgue.

7. Men enjoy sex more than women. This is completely untrue and those men who think that it’s because they have experienced a woman who doesn’t enjoy sex with him.

8. A man can break his penis. Technically a man cannot break his penis due to there is no bone in the penis, but he can tear it extremely bad to the point it might feel like it is broken.

9. Men think about sex every seven seconds. Men definitely think about sex often, but it is not every seven seconds. If this was true they wouldn’t be able to get things done on time or enjoy a game of football.

10. Too much masturbation causes blindness. If this were true this world will be full of blind people. Too much masturbation does cause irritation on the skin of the penis or inside of the vagina.

I hope some of you learned something about sex and learn not to believe everything about it. If you are unsure about something research it. There is no shame in researching information about sex. Make sure to read up on 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.