Online Dating Myths Uncovered

Although dating, both traditionally and over the Internet, is supposed to be fun, many men struggle with this process. Some men struggle because they are new to dating or Internet dating, while others struggle because they simply don’t understand women and have a rough time connecting and communicating with them. Below you’ll find some tips Read more about Online Dating Myths Uncovered[…]

Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun

Come on ladies – it’s not really your favorite thing on the menu. Anal sex is more thought of along the same lines as seedy sex toy stores and old men in string vests. Despite the taboo still surrounding this exotic part of love making, women all over the world are starting to openly admit Read more about Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun[…]

Foreplay Sex Tips for Men

It’s no secret that women need a little extra time to get turned on than men do. It’s also no secret that women often complain that men don’t spend enough on foreplay. These sex tips are all about the foreplay and made to help you get her primed for the main course. Men, sex tips Read more about Foreplay Sex Tips for Men[…]

The 7 Best Apps For a Long Distance Relationship

So your boyfriend just landed his dream tech job in the Bay Area — and while you’re just as ecstatic about the opportunity as he is, it means that he’ll be leaving his life in New Jersey behind to start a new one across the country…without you. Whether your relationship became “long distance” a year Read more about The 7 Best Apps For a Long Distance Relationship[…]

Top 5 Things That Men Find Sexy About Women

Everyone has something that they think is sexy and it’s going to be personal for every person, but some things come up more often than others when it comes to what men find attractive in a woman. Now we could talk about the boobs, the butts, and the hips, but even though I’m sure we’ll Read more about Top 5 Things That Men Find Sexy About Women[…]