Guide to Meeting and Dating Cougars, Picking Up Older Women

Hey everyone! So Findgirlsdating always getting these requests about writing a piece about meeting, dating and picking up older women or cougars, as they like to be called.

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about my relationship with an older Brazilian woman which happened to be one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

So I promised myself that I would help others have this experience as well. So here is my comprehensive guide to finding, dating, meeting and bedding gorgeous older women and cougars.

Guide to Meeting & Dating Cougars Picking Up Older Women

Understand the Cougar Mindset – How to Date a Cougar Part I

So let’s now consider how older women think

  1. Cougars are generally older and mature women who have a pretty good understanding of what they want out of life. They have achieved their basic life goals and understand their bodies well. Recognize the legitimacy of sex outside the bounds of a relationship headed for marriage. They understand the value of sex for its own sake.
  2. Cougars have overcome social boundaries in their own minds that would otherwise encourage them to look for a more stable relationship with a man their own age or older who could provide them with financial and emotional security. Most cougars already have this part of their life sorted out and are looking to date younger men for physical satisfaction.
  3. Cougars may want a younger man to spoil. They may want a guy to give them emotional companionship in return for material support. They are the primary bread winner in the relationship and have had a taste of that power. Some of them also like to “mother” their younger partners and take care of them. Cougars may like the fact that they now have an outlet for their affections.
  4. In the old days women were forbidden to recognize their own sexuality. Now, as women get more financially independent, they are exploring their own sexuality a lot more. As a younger man, I have never felt threatened by this and neither should you. In this article, I will show you how to find your own sugar mama who will spoil you rotten and blow your mind in the sack.
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The Cougar Habitat – Where Older Women Hang Out?

The Online route – ok let’s get this out of the way first. I am not the biggest fan of online dating because it takes the fun out of the hunt. Online dating is like going to the supermarket for your meat. It will never replace the thrill of the actual hunt but it does make the job a lot easier.

Guide to Meeting & Dating Cougars Picking Up Older Women

There are a lot of sites out there that will help you meet older women. Sites like, and etc.  If you don’t care much about the game or the hunt, then you should definitely consider the online dating route.

Personally, I think that you should do both.

Go ahead and register at online dating sites but also go out into the real world and hunt like men are supposed to.

Some Sex Tips on Meeting Older Women and Cougars

The Gym

Ok so this one is fairly obvious. The gym is a great place to meet older women for first date. They are there to work on their bodies so they do have a sense that looking sexy is important. In order to be successful at the gym, all you really have to do is establish a routine to be there at a certain time every day.

Here are some quick tips to help you score with cougars at the gym –

  • Smile and be friendly to everyone on your very first day. This will establish you as generally a friendly person and if a woman sees you making friends with people, then she will lower her guard when you eventually approach her
  • Don’t stare! Please definitely don’t stare at the gorgeous ladies. This makes them uncomfortable.
  • Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror. Save the posing for the locker room.
  • Ask them about their jobs and family. If they are single, then you are pretty much in! Don’t buy them anything (i.e. don’t offer to buy them a protein shake, remember they are your sugar mama and not the other way around)
  • Working out releases testosterone which increases sex drive (wink wink)
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The Super Market or Grocery Store

So this one should also be fairly obvious! In this case however, you are going to go looking for eye contact just like you would in a bar. Look for ladies who are shopping by themselves, make eye contact and ask them for advice.

Some will not look at you at all but those who do return eye contact are ready to be approached. You know how acting like the poor damsel in distress works for younger girls. Use the same tactic! Pretend you don’t know what you are doing and ask a lady for advice about the perfect pumpkin.

Art Galleries

If you are into art and know what you are talking about, you may consider Art galleries. Generally artsy women are more sexually open minded but are easily turned off by idiots.

If you are the intellectual type, then read up about art and go to your nearest art gallery or museum. Stay away from the tourist types but by all means try to talk to the more artistic type women.

The Office

Only real players should even consider this route. Only if you are very comfortable with your job or don’t mind losing it, should you try to pick up women at your office.

I used to have this hot 50 something office assistant at my work. I never got around to bagging her only because I was afraid of losing my job but she was ready for some fun and dropped many hints at me.

Remember the office is for advanced players only!

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Dating cougars and older women is a whole new experience. These women are uninhibited in bed and in life.

If you can find a woman who is generous and beautiful, you are pretty much set! Remember to respect these goddesses and they will keep you more than satisfied. Prepare to be spoiled rotten!