5 Tips to Attract and Meet Gorgeous Women

A single man’s job is to meet hot girls. He may have a regular job too – he might be an accountant or sales executive but his real job is to get with as many women as he possibly can. This website is the single man’s (and woman’s) industry magazine. This article is about the 5 ways to specifically attract gorgeous women.

5 Tips to Attract and Meet Gorgeous Women
  1. Respect Yourself – This is the main point of this article. A woman is intuitive so you must cultivate a certain aura first. Look at yourselfin the mirror and realize that you are a man. You have something that can drive a woman into the throes of ecstasy (no, it’s not your sense of humor). Respect that body part. It is your manhood and women want it! Your job in this existence is to give it to them as well as you can. You only job as a man is to give women physical pleasure first and emotional pleasure afterwards.
  2. Don’t Be Desperate or Needy – Hot women have men nipping at their heals like puppies. They have been getting attention from men since junior high. What makes you different? You are the only one who is not impressed with them. You see through the hot physical exterior right into their souls and you are not impressed because there is nothing special there – just another little girl who wants a good and decent man.
  3. Imitate Success – If you know guys who are good with girls but who are not as good looking or rich as you, then you have found the perfect person to shadow. Follow them and observe. What do they say? How do they act? How do they react after getting rejected? Learn from them and inculcate all their habits into your own persona.
  4. Get Ready For Rejection – You will get rejected. Fact of Life! This game is all about success rates. Expect a 1 out of 15 or 20 rate in the beginning. That means 14-19 women will reject you. The first one hurts the most and the 19th rejection barely hurts at all. Once you get into your hundreds, they will start to tickle and then they will just be funny.
  5. Don’t Make Her Uncomfortable – No touching until she touches you first. Girls can feel very uncomfortable with touchy feely guys who are unwelcome. Wait for her to touch you first before touching her back. If she touches your arm, touch her shoulder and watch her reaction. If she flinches, don’t touch her again at all until she makes the first positive move again.
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So those were my 5 tips to help you attract and meet beautiful women anywhere but I am saving the best and most important tip for last. This tip is about going for it! I know I have  said something similar in one of the previous point but it is a matter of fact that hot women don’t get hit on that much by sober guys.

Attract and Meet Gorgeous Women

You may think a woman is hot so she gets propositioned all the time and you would not be wrong. But it is one thing getting asked out by a drunk guy at a bar who keeps repeating how hot or beautiful you are and its quite another to be seduced by someone who knows what they are doing.

You should aim to be this second sort of guy. Do not tell her she is hot or beautiful. She knows this already! Instead, seduce the person within. Everyone has insecurities. Some people are insecure about their looks and others about their intellect or their job or whatever. Beautiful women are not insecure about their looks as much as average looking women are but gorgeous women are insecure about their brains.

They think that the world sees them as dumb bimbos and they would not be too far off the mark. You need to tell her that she is not stupid. You need to find something you like about her thought process and then stoke that ember. This is the way to win her heart. Remember, she needs someone to lean on just as much as anyone else so if you want to date hot women, make them feel good about their minds!

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This is not an untested theory. I have tested it in the real world. Of course, the trick is finding out what she thinks about and where her interests lie. Talk to her but don’t say anything about her looks. Don’t bring them up at all. Just listen and find out what her interests are. Then probe them (pun intended)!

Say that she keeps on babbling about her paintings of Egyptian cats. Tell her that you love cats and ask to see her paintings. Then find one that you like and ask her more about it. Ask her how she got interested in them and ask her about cat species in ancient Egypt. Stoke her intellect.

This is how you attract gorgeous women!