Where To Meet Great Single Men for Dating Tonight

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The last time you picked up a guy at a bar you woke up next to a tattooed, hung-over bum with a girlfriend. And sure, there are bound to be some nice, good-hearted guys at church, but they might crimp your three-martini-lunch habit. Mr. Right isn’t just going to fall out of the sky, but he might bump into you at the Laundromat. Check out these under-the-radar pick-up destinations.

Where To Meet Great Single Men for Dating Tonight

Destination: Sporting Event

Picture thousands of single men gathered in one place…and almost every single one is straight! Here’s your game plan: Grab a girlfriend, brush up on the rules of whichever game you’re watching, and head for the cheap seats. Okay, so you may not find a millionaire lurking in the cheap seats, but it’ll give you more freedom to move around so you can strategically position yourself near the best-looking sports fans you see.

What to Wear: Keep it casual (heels and halter tops would look ridiculous) and show your team spirit on a cap or shirt. And by “team,” we mean the home team. Even Pamela Anderson would have a hard time making friends at a Yankees game if she was wearing a Red Sox cap.

Your Line: Easy. Show up after the first inning, then turn to your crush and ask, “What’d we miss?” He’ll be happy to fill you in on the details. And next time you make a beer run, ask if you can bring him something back. Nine times out of ten he’ll say yes.

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Words of Wisdom: Don’t overcompensate and act like a crazed fan. There’s no need to start “the wave.” If you have a good understanding of the players and the game, use it as a conversation starter. If not, ask him about his favourite players and avoid dumb questions like, “Did that quarterback get a home run?”

Destination: Laundromat

Hey, you’ve got an hour or two to kill. Why not make the most of it? And at least you’ll know that the guy has clean underwear. Clearly not every creature inhabiting the Laundromat will be an Beachcomber & Fitch model, which is why you should bring an iPod or a good book in case the pickings are slim. But even cute boys have to wash their clothes now and then, so keep an eye out.

What to Wear: Yes, it’s Laundry Day. No, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear your ratty, paint-splattered sweat pants and holey Dave Matthews Band t-shirt. Examine your closet and try to find something clean and cute, whether it’s a sundress or jeans and a fitted tee.

Your Line: “Got change for a five? There’s some fabric softener in it for you.” Sure, Laundromats have change machines, but it can’t hurt a single to ask for some singles. Besides, no guy ever buys fabric softener but they all secretly want it.

Words of Wisdom: Keep it cool, and don’t try too hard. If you crash and burn, you can’t exactly grab your wet clothes from the wash and run out. Your best insurance policy is to bring an interesting book or magazine that might spark his interest, or, failing that, “accidentally” drop your sexiest bra at his feet. (Keep the granny panties out of sight.)

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Destination: Hardware Store

You may not know the difference between a wrench and a screwdriver, but you know a good man-hunting spot when you see it. Hardware stores are crawling with single men, and not all of them have plumber’s crack and beer guts. And isn’t it time you bought a new light bulb or some nails or something?

What to Wear: You can’t really go wrong with just about anything, but don’t overdo it with the five-inch heels and miniskirt. You’re a woman in a hardware store. They’ll notice you.

Your Line: “Can I get your opinion?” Pick a tool, any tool, and ask for advice. Guys love to show off their smarts on macho topics, and he’ll happily talk your ear off when you ask him which cordless power drill is the best.

Words of Wisdom: You don’t want to come off as a total idiot, but it can’t hurt to seem a little confused about these “mysterious tools”; if he’s into you he’ll probably offer to help drill in your shelves himself. If you do know a lot about tools, though, he’ll likely be impressed.

Destination: Internet Cafe

Sure, you have DSL at home, but the only guy you’ll meet there is the mailman. Grab your laptop and hit a cafe where the WiFi is free, the coffee is fresh, and the guys are dreamy.

What to Wear: Keep it casual with jeans and a tee. Nobody checks their e-mail in heels.
Your Line: “Do you mind watching my stuff?” All that coffee can take its toll, and nobody expects you to take your Mac into the ladies’ room. So asking the nearest (and cutest) guy to keep an eye on it while you do your business will seem perfectly natural. He may ask you to return the favour. When you get back, thank him and try to strike up a conversation. Note: Don’t ask just any guy to watch your stuff; even if you have a thing for bad boys, nobody wants to hit on a guy who just swiped your laptop.

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Words of Wisdom: Some people do actually come to Internet cafes to do work. If a guy looks like he’s hard at work, leave him alone. Look for the guys that are looking around a lot—you’ll probably be a welcome distraction.

Destination: Museum
Got culture? You will after an afternoon here, where even if the men don’t move you, the art will. There are plenty of sophisticated, intellectual single men wandering around, so brush up on your Monet and make your move.

What to Wear: A tasteful little black dress is both classy and alluring. Extra points for carrying a sketch book filled with drawings and notes.
Your Line: “What do you think?” If you see a hottie intently absorbing a particular piece of art, quietly step up, take in the image, and ask for his thoughts. If you disagree, he’ll be intrigued by your interest in art and how you present your thoughts.

Words of Wisdom: At all times be subdued and classy—you’re in an art museum, after all. You want to be the mysterious woman he met at the Met. If things go well, suggest grabbing a glass of wine in a place where you can speak without disturbing anyone.

Destination: Business Conference/Trade show or Networking Event

Business conferences are usually crawling with single men. A great place to bump into a guy in his element. You might actually learn something too.