Singles Scene Los Angeles Where to Meet Women for Dating in LA

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Meeting a mate isn’t easy for anyone in Los Angeles, but the numbers are decidedly against the single male. The City of Angels plays host to 89,000 more single men than single women. Consider the lay of the land and look in some out of the way places. Such preparations will greatly increase your chances of meeting women in LA.

Singles Scene Los Angeles Where to Meet Women for Dating in LA

Ask Yourself What You Want
What is it you’re looking for? A girlfriend? Casual dating? A fling? Answering this basic question will inform all other decisions related to your search. No matter what you are looking for, you will also need to think about what qualities you like in a woman.

Know Where To Go
Unlike New York or other walking cities, in LA you aren’t just going to bump into someone. Where you go has a lot to do with what type of woman you are trying to meet. Some places where you can meet women in Los Angeles include:

Acting Classes: Not only are acting classes fun for their own sake, they are crawling with beautiful women. Asking your classmates to run lines with you is a perfect way to get a little private face time in with the city’s most beautiful women.

Co-Ed Sports Leagues: LA has a robust co-ed adult sport scene. Particularly if you are a man with some athletic prowess, this can be a great way to meet fit, in-shape women. Whether you prefer softball or flag football, co-ed sports build comradeship you can capitalise on. The post-game trip to the local bar is a great way to get to know your favourite shortstop a little better.

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Bars: While you might be over the bar scene in LA, you shouldn’t rule it out. Los Angeles is known for attracting some of the most beautiful women in the world and they dress to the nines when they hit the clubs. Be careful in your selection of what bar you go to, however. Know if the women you are trying to meet are in sports bars, low-key dive bars or chaotic dance clubs.

Author Events: If you’re looking for a more intellectual woman, there are plenty of author events in the city to meet a literary lady. Look through event listings and local bookstores. Even if your favourite author won’t be swinging through any time soon, you can acquaint yourself with new writers and the women who love them.

Play the Numbers Game
You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket and you can’t meet women if you don’t talk to them. When you’re out at a place like a bar or a club, talk to any women that catches your fancy. Say hello, buy them a drink, have a dance or two if it’s appropriate and then make yourself scarce. Interested women will find you later and it gives you the opportunity to meet several women in a single night. The broader net you cast, the better your changes for finding what you are looking for.

Every Girl’s Crazy For a Sharp-Dressed Man
Women dress up when they go out and they expect the same of you. While the standards for good dress vary between a sports bar and a dance club, Los Angeles is a very image-conscious community. It should go without saying, but take a shower before you go out and put on fresh clothes. Put your best foot forward and wear the clothes appropriate to the situation and environment. Not everyone is looking for a runway model, but most women do want a man who takes some degree of pride in his appearance.

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Get Involved
For singles in LA, Los Angeles can be a very isolating city. You sit in your apartment, get into a car, go to work and come home. Getting involved in the community, however, can give you ample opportunity to meet women. Whether your passion leads you to volunteering time to a great cause or organizing events, you can find a productive way to spend your time that brings you in contact with eligible women.

Throw a Dinner Party
Any man can get a keg and a couple bowls of chips. It takes a special man to whip up a three-course meal and choose the right wine. Throw a dinner party and encourage friends to invite single women. This will give you the opportunity to show off your culinary skills and meet new people.

Meeting Women in Los Angeles
It can be hard to meet women in Los Angeles, but there are ways to increase your chances of meeting the right person. Be proactive, both in terms of getting out to meet others and making yourself an attractive dating prospect. Once you have a little black book full of numbers you will be able to decide which woman, if any, is the right one for you in the long term.