Free Online Dating Rules for Single Women

Statistics show that more women are using free dating sites out there in web land than men. What this statistic doesn’t show is the reason why.

There isn’t a shortage of men using free dating sites, so don’t worry about the well ever running dry. But if you want to shore up your odds of landing the best possible catch, then take note.

Free Online Dating Rules for Single Women

Here are a few simple dating rules that you should follow

Chasing is a No-No

In most ways, guys are like city cabs – there’s always one coming around. So, instead of chasing one down, simply flag another. The idea is not to become attached until you know the two of you have a chance. As basic sometimes-chatty acquaintances, he might end up wanting something different. Don’t chase him around if this happens; just let him go.

No Procrastination

Guys usually have multiple girls they ’re chatting with via free dating sites. Now, you know not to chase, but there’s no rule saying you shouldn’t push for something if you think something’s brewing. If he’s into you, then he’ll ditch those other prospects. But you can’t procrastinate here.

Charisma trumps Career

When using dating sites, a person’s personality is always going to outmatch their looks. You’re not chatting face to face with a person, so they must be intriguing to you on other levels in order to spark your interest. Make sure that you’re allowing a guy’s personality to shine through. Don’t cut it off. Let it come through full force to see if you like it. A lot of girls are looking for those big-earning men, handsome and brute to boot. But you may be missing a golden opportunity if you don’t pay attention to personality.

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Take your Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine in the world. Well, if you’re suffering those love-sick blues, don’t expect that mythical storybook romantic hunk to suddenly appear out of thin air and cure them for you. Instead, go with a guy who can make you laugh. Look at it this way: if he makes you feel great via text, imagine how you’ll feel in person. You can still be picky about looks, but don’t set any impossible standard.