Free Dating Sites-Should I Send Nude Photos Online?

If you’ve been living on the surface of the earth during any time in the past five years, or even if you have access to a newspaper, you probably know all about the “sexting” scandals out there on various free dating sites and off them for that matter.

This is where girls take naked photos of themselves, send them to their boyfriends, and they end up scattered all over the Internet and in the hands of the entire world.

This is an issue that comes up often with free dating sites. Guys and gals are asking for nude photos, but there’s a little bit of a trust issue, as you can imagine.

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Should you be sending out nude photos of yourself via free dating sites?

The answer here is always a no, unless…

You’re already dating

There are many reasons that you can still be talking online or through a free dating site and still be technically “dating.” So, if you trust your boyfriend/girlfriend enough and are in love, then showing a little skin might not go badly.

You Don’t Mind Being Seen Should Things go Bad

Look, even taking the abovementioned tip into consideration, there is still the possibility of a breakup or even that your partner will show your nude photo to other people or be hacked. So, never send out a nude photo to anyone unless you’re actually okay with it being seen if worst comes to worst.

If your Partner Reciprocates

A lot of people out there, especially guys, want to be takers but not givers. To ensure that he/she is not going to be flippant with the photos, make sure you’re receiving one in return. This puts another little layer of trust on it, but still head tip #2!

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