Top 5 Things That Men Find Sexy About Women

Everyone has something that they think is sexy and it’s going to be personal for every person, but some things come up more often than others when it comes to what men find attractive in a woman. Now we could talk about the boobs, the butts, and the hips, but even though I’m sure we’ll get there one day, this article is devoted to the things about a woman’s personality that men find attractive rather than what is sexy about their body.

Top 5 Things That Men Find Sexy About Women

While the model of a good wife or lover back in the day used to be the submissive housewife, the times have changed an awful lot and now men want a confident woman. Submissive doesn’t even make the list unless we’re talking about BDSM because, in the breakneck pace of the world that we live in, no one has time to take care of someone else to an insane degree. So here are five things as chosen by our members that they think are attractive in a woman.


You knew that this was going to be on here, right? If you didn’t shame on you because confidence is incredibly sexy. A confident woman knows how to manage her affairs and her affair partners. She’ll be the type of woman who knows herself well and more than that isn’t afraid to articulate what she wants. Confidence allows both male and female affair partners to be more relaxed when they’re talking about themselves or sex. Their feelings are less easily bruised and they aren’t second-guessing what has been said all the time.

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While few people will put their entire life in the hands of anyone and trust them not to break it, being a trusting person is going to get you farther than being a closed-off and cynical one would be. Please don’t make the mistake that trust is the same thing as being naïve. Being naïve isn’t sexy because as much as the virgin is valued in our society, you want a woman who knows how to handle herself both in bed and without. The people who are naïve about the world also tend to be easy victims and ain’t nobody got time to be the white night all the time.


Oh some of us are cold by nature, but we’re talking about the woman who is so cold you can feel frost forming each time she speaks. It’s not that she doesn’t care about you, it’s that she doesn’t care about anything. There is little sunshine in her world and you’re not going to be able to heat it. Women who smile more easily and have bright personalities tend to be more sought after than women who are dourer. This is the same for men though, so it’s not something that needs to be focused on for women only.


This is something that we’ve been harping on since the beginning of the blog and will probably be talking about it until the end of time. Communication is important and a woman who can communicate directly without having to fall back on little tricks or passive-aggressive behavior. When a woman can speak directly to a man, she’s telling him what she wants from him and he doesn’t have to wonder if he’s stepped over the line or if he’s going to be in trouble for something he said. Honestly, he probably gets enough of that from home and doesn’t need it from an affair partner on top of that.

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Who wants to be stuck in the same rut forever? Not me and certainly not you either. If you think you want to have the same mundane repetition of events ad nauseum you’re either not human or you’re crazy or you’re just plain wrong. Now we’re not saying that these spontaneous actions need to be life-changing, but you want a woman who can go with the flow and who isn’t going to stress out about when the little things don’t fall into place. You want a woman who can randomly point out a restaurant she wants to go to or think of something she wants to do without needing you to make all the decisions for her.

As we said, the times are changing and our survey has found that most men want equals in their women rather than someone who they have to do all the work for. So basically women, if you want to be sexy to men then all you need to be is a strong, independent and honest woman.

Forget the plastic surgery, you’re beautiful the way you are.