How to Date Beautiful Women: Explaining The Truth

Over the years I have read hundreds of articles written for men by men about dating beautiful women. I’ve read so much about it because I’ve spent my entire adult life wondering why I never got any dates until the advent of online dating. This article will clear up many myths for the man looking to date beautiful women.

The Authors

Most of the men who write about this subject are mistitling their articles. A more accurate title for most of these would be “How to Manipulate Spoiled Bimbos.” These articles tell men that beautiful women are dumb, high maintenance, and spoiled. That they will use sex to control you, then discard you when they’re through unless you know how to “play” them to “Keep their interest level up” “keep them on their toes” or whatever. If a hot bimbo is what you are looking to be with, then articles like these are great and perhaps accurate. However if what you truly seek is a real beauty with intelligence and grace, none of these claims remotely apply.

How to Date Beautiful Women: Explaining The Truth

Now, if you live in a city like Los Angels or New York, you may find lots of prima donnas simply because of the predominance of the entertainment industry in those cities. The business is flooded with emotional basket cases, egomaniacs and narcissists. Not all folks in the business are nuts, but if you ask anyone in the industry who is mentally and emotionally healthy they will confirm this truth. However if you don’t live in such a city, then this most likely is not the case. I will bet that most of the authors who write on the subject do live in or near these cities.

Clearing Up Some Common Myths about Beautiful Women

1. They Must Get Bombarded by Male Suitors: This is only true for internet dating. Many men are afraid to approach a beautiful woman because they fear rejection, think they don’t have enough money to impress her with, or she must be taken. You don’t know this unless you approach her.

2. Why does it seem that Beautiful women like Dumb Guys/Jerks? Because it is these men, who are so dumb, they have no ability to introspect and usually have a sense of entitlement, which is also an element of stupidity that have the lack of self awareness to ask these women out! Guess what: Ask and you shall receive! Case in point. My ex husband was the only person who asked me out the entire time I attended college.

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He had a really low IQ, but he was the only one who asked! Fast forward 3 years after my divorce, the only man who had the guts to ask me out also had a low IQ. Now, I know what you’re thinking “Hey, you chose those dumb guys!” not true, they chose me! Do you really think I’d choose an idiot over a smart guy? No! But none of the worthy ones had the guts to ask me!

Let me use a metaphor to explain the psychology of someone with a really low IQ: This is the same person who, at the foot of Mount Everest, will say “Oh! I can climb that! That looks easy! I’ll be back in an hour or two!” and then disappear never to be seen again. Or, “I can do open heart surgery! Let me try! Oops, oh no, the patient is bleeding to death…ohhh…I messed up…sorry!”

My point is, these are the guys who are approaching these women, hence the misconception that beautiful women choose dumb guys, usually, the dumb guys choose them. Here is another truth: An intelligent, worthy woman always eventually dumps these dudes. An idiot will stay with an idiot, a smart person will not.

3. Beautiful Women require lots of Money

If beauty, intelligence, class, and grace is something you really want in a lady, she will not have her hand out!

Explaining some Truths about Beautiful Women

1. Men are intimidated by Beauty

I worked with a group of models this past fall at an event where the overwhelming majority of the participants were men. We set up a hospitality bar for the participants where the models would sit behind the bar and provide free snacks and refreshments for these men.

The Models were also obliged to do photo ops with the participants. Well don’t you know? It was just me, a manager, and the models hanging out together, eating snacks and drinking sodas and only a handful out of hundreds of these men came up to talk to them! Now, all eyes were on these beautiful women- no doubt about it! But very few participants approached. Now, the models were very nice, personable girls and didn’t seem at all intimidating to me, but it was clear the men had another feeling about it. Now, because it was just us, the ladies, hanging out together in an oasis in a sea of men, we began talking about relationships.

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I was not surprised to hear some of the models talk of how mean their boyfriends were to them, and among and between us explained how these men like to manipulate and control by trying to ruin our self esteem. Again, these women don’t want jerks! They want nice guys-but it is not the nice guys who are asking them out! And what about me? Well, one guy asked me out from the group, I obliged and you guessed it- five minutes into the date I realized he had the IQ of a shoehorn and ended it right away! But hey, he asked!

Ask Her Out and Save Yourself Years of “What Ifs”

Now, if you have a job, are healthy, clean, and are intelligent, meaning you have your act together, there is no reason whatsoever that you cannot date gorgeous women. Afraid of rejection? Fear not! If a beautiful woman is also intelligent, classy, and graceful, she will not cruelly reject you. Insecure floozies do this.

See a beautiful woman in the supermarket? Ask her out! Say “I couldn’t help but notice you, and I had to approach you! May I take you out to dinner sometime?”

Let’s do a cross sectional study of this pickup line: “I couldn’t help but notice you” okay, you complimented her without being lecherous. This suggests you have class. “I had to approach you” Humm, this is telling the lady that you have guts. “May I take you out to dinner” Now this says you want to take the time to have dinner with her to get to know her. Not meet her in the bathroom, not have “coffee” which is no way to invest time getting to know someone.

Now if she accepts, ask for her number. You offered, you approached, you take control. Now, don’t listen to any of the crap you’ve read about “waiting two weeks” to call. That’s bull. If you don’t strike while the iron is hot, the trail will go cold, she won’t remember you, and she might not even take the call. She will also think you weren’t that interested in the first place.

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At the same time, don’t call within minutes. Call her the next day to make a plan. That shows you are serious about taking her out and getting to know her.

If she is classy and smart and rejects your request she’ll say something like “Why I’m flattered at the offer and I appreciate it! But I’m (fill in the blank) Thank you anyway!”

No harm done there, right?

If she is a crass bimbo, she’ll roll her eyes or make you feel like crap, and you just saved your self a lifetime of “What Ifs”!

Here is another tried and true way to talk to a pretty lady: Buy her a drink! That’s right! Men don’t buy ladies drinks anymore. I think the memo about this old-fashioned method got lost somewhere around 1979.

Now, if she is smart and classy and accepts the drink she will talk to you! If she is smart and classy and has no intention of talking to you, she will turn down the offer.

If she is an entitled pig, she’ll take the drink and snub you.

Again, it cost you maybe $7 and you saved yourself a lifetime of “what ifs”!


Beautiful women want nice guys and the nice sex buddy are not asking them out. A classy lady will not cruelly reject a man. But unfortunately I think a lot of crass bimbos out there have instilled fear in their hearts. Don’t hesitate, ask her out! If she is smart at all she will ditch the dumbbell that had the lack of self awareness to ask her out and date a smart, nice guy like you!

If she is shallow, you don’t want her anyway! The Good Book says “ask and you shall receive”. This is the truth. A beautiful, classy, intelligent woman wants a smart, kind, strong man. If you are a worthy man, truly, deeply and honestly , and are not afraid to ask a striking beauty on a date, you will have the opportunity to date gorgeous women, and a put yourself in alignment to find the woman of your dreams!