Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun

Come on ladies – it’s not really your favorite thing on the menu. Anal sex is more thought of along the same lines as seedy sex toy stores and old men in string vests. Despite the taboo still surrounding this exotic part of love making, women all over the world are starting to openly admit not just their willingness to try anal sex, but also their love for it as well.

Anal Sex – The Five Steps to making it Fun

It’s a scary part of sex really – it’s dirty, it will hurt and it’s not all that dignified. Most men actually do understand why it is so off-putting for women yet still they try it on anyway. You would be surprised at the lengths some men would go to just for the slightest hint of a little bit of anal play!

Stage One: Preparation

There are five main steps to getting anal sex right and for the most part, your first port of call should probably be one of the many sex toy stores that you can find in malls and even online if you wanted. Cheap sex toys are easier to get online and you may find that you come across a bigger range of adult toys, but most physical stores will stock the sort of stuff you will need as a beginner:

  • Lubricant
  • Condoms

On top of these essentials dating tips for safe anal sex, you will need a few extra items:

  • Dark towel or bed sheets (Just in case)
  • Tissues or baby wipes

Stage Two: Keepin’ Things Clean

Things are about to get real dirty so they shouldn’t start off that way. Get yourself in the shower and really smarted yourself up. Have a shave, especially if he is going to be licking around the anus area. It’s all about being respectful – you wouldn’t appreciate it if he were dirty and had bad hygiene, would you?

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Get as clean as you can – really squeaky clean. You won’t feel comfortable otherwise. Oh, and make sure that you definitely do a number two before the shower too. You may think you’ve wiped sufficiently but we guarantee he will still smell it.

Stage Three: Lube

This is one of the most important things about anal sex and is one of the biggest reasons you should head out to purchase lube and condoms from the local sex toy stores or online. You will need a bucket load of this, especially if it is your first time. You can get anal lubricant now that contains a little bit of anesthetic too – this is great if you are scared about the pain factor.

Stage Four: Taking it Slow

You are going to need to take things at your pace here. Too fact and you will be in a lot of pain after casual sex, too slow and you will be in the same boat. Don’t get us wrong – you don’t want him to go in there all guns blazing but at the same time, you don’t really want him to hang about in the area too long. For the most part, once he’s in, it’s not so bad but that first initial thrust will either make it or break it for you so make sure that you are prepared.

Stage Five: Consider Practice

Let’s be honest about this – the more prepared you are, the more you are likely to enjoy it so why not check out some of the sex toys designed for anal play online and experiment by yourself first. With a bit of lubricant and the right butt plug, you might just find that you are having fun!

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