How To Communicate with Women and Men Online While Dating or Sex?

Free dating site have become very popular and very beneficial for many people out there looking for love and this is one of them. You are able to find people who have similar interests and life goals as you do from just reading their profile for sex. No longer do you have to wait for Mr. or Ms. Right, you can proactively find the person that you want to settle down with. If you have found a person that you would like to form a relationship with then you can get in touch and start speaking.

When you have decided that this is the person that you want to exclusively date or sex, then your online dating sessions tend to become more frequent and serious. Since these relationships are often based on communication only for long periods of time, the most frequent problem for serious online daters in miscommunication.


Having a personal relationship should be personal. Despite all of the benefits that online dating has the one disadvantage is the impersonal nature of using a computer to convey your feelings. Not all relationships continue for months only on the computer, but if you find someone who is worth the trouble and they live far away, you have to find the most personal methods of online communication. The problem is that we are not always equipped with patience leading to more miscommunication problems then necessary.

Many people would say that they prefer a kiss then a small yellow face with bright red lips shooting out towards this person. However, if you can feel a person’s energy from thousands of miles away there may be more to this person that someone that lives 5 minutes away from you could never offer you. Instant messaging is a great way to begin to know someone, but when you take it to the next level.

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You much rather see them face to face even though it is through a computer then through black and white texting. Tools like Skype and MSN messenger offer video conferencing where the person can see you and hear you. This helps greatly when it comes to defining one’s personality.

However, when you switch back and forth through talking through webcams and writing messages, it is very easy that one side becomes offended, without you knowing. Sometimes you take too long to respond so your other half feels that you were disappointed at something that he or she said. If you do not sign on for hours, then this person may think that you are upset, especially if you did not mention that you were going out of town. This type of miscommunication happens all of the time.

The best way to deal with miscommunication is through asking your partner if anything is wrong. Have patience and remember even though you love this person, you do not have to live your life around a computer. Go out and have fun and come back and tell the person you love what you did. It will offer stimulating conversation to keep you guys going until you can finally meet each other face to face without a computer screen in between