What women want from men in a dating relationship!

What a girl wants from her guy will vary mostly. I dispel those differentiating traits that make all the difference in a relationship.

“She can kill with a smile and she can wound with her eyes, she can ruin your faith with her casual lies, And she only reveals what she wants you to see, she hides like a child, but she’s always a woman to me”

What women want from men in a dating relationship!

It is not easy to please a woman, or at least that is what most men believe. Men have hardly been able to understand women, and then to think of what women want from a relationship opens Pandora’s Box all over again for them. Being a woman, I can say that understanding women is no rocket science. It all comes down to simple things. And it’s always the simple things that are the hardest, especially when you don’t realize the importance of these little things that matter. You can find expectations by men from women in our previous article.

Women need to feel loved, secured, wanted, appreciated and pampered- all genuinely. Women are sharp, clever species that can tell fake from real, even in a relationship. Listed are a few traits that mean a lot to most women, and can act as strengtheners for your relationship.

  • To talk & to be heard

Women love to talk. Even the ones that aren’t as talkative wish to be heard. It is their primal need. Finding a fuck buddies who talks to understand and not to reply is the first step to a successful relationship. On the flip side, they expect their men to talk with as much ease. The infamous, “we need to talk”, will only be said when communication has been absent for a long time.

  • Sense of belongingness

This is, in fact, one of the most innate needs of a woman – to belong. No, by that I don’t mean she needs your last name alone. What she needs is an anchor, somebody she will love to come back to at the end of the day. If you understand this need and treat her with love and care, she is sure to return the favor.

  • Loyalty and commitment

A man works hard till he gets a woman, and a woman works hard then to keep him. Loyalty is very important to women. She will find the time to call, text, and check on you even on the most hectic of days. She does it because you are important to her. Frankly, she expects that from you too. Depending on how you react to the ‘C’ word, the fate of your relationship will be decided.

  • Matured & confident men

Maturity has nothing to do with a man’s biological age. They can be 40 but behave like 14. Maturity comes from life experience, and nothing is more assuring than a man who knows his yes’s and no’s and stands by them. She will lean on you some time for certain major decisions.

  • Sexual & emotional intimacy

When a woman agrees to share more than just her thoughts, she is serious about the relationship. For most women, sexual and emotional intimacy signifies submission into the relationship. It’s a confidence that she shows in you. You can be with your best buds and she won’t mind it, till she does not fear sexual or emotional infidelity.

  • Friendship & companionship

As a guy, when your gal allows you into her friend world, you are in for some serious fun. There are discussions, fights, gossips, cheap talks, fantasies, fear, that she will share with you without the fear of being judged. She doesn’t like wearing two faces and so being friends with her will save her the drama and you the confusion.

  • Support & encouragement

Most women know what they want, be it their job, friends dresses, and financial decisions. They ask you for your opinion to validate their conviction. Understand where they are coming from. Even if you don’t quite see their point, be there for them just in case they need you. Encourage them to do things they aren’t sure about and you will have one grateful woman by your side.

  • Trust & respect

Very simple but very difficult to give and take. Trusting your woman is one of the biggest gifts you can give her. Similarly, respecting her for who she is a valued trait. The worst thing you can do to your woman is to make her feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Respect the way she looks. Calling her fact or skinny or cheap is not even the last thing you’d want to do.

  • Time & attention

This is one of the most sought after traits. Sparing time for the woman you love can speak volumes about your feelings for her. But being with her with your attention on the phone is not going to earn you any brownie points. Be with her totally, listen to her, pay attention to her, pay attention to her dressing, compliment her and treat her like a princess every once in a while.

  • Space & freedom

Women value this as much as men do- the space to be herself and the freedom to do what she wants to. If you allow this, trust me you will have one honest loving woman. There will be no scope for any deceit.

Good relationships don’t just happen; they take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.