Why Are Men So Immature About Sex Relationship?

It’s a common fact that men think about sex more often than women. Perhaps not all men, but I think it’s safe to assume that a titanic amount is involved in the mix here. What irks me, as well as every woman I’ve encountered, is those guys that treat sex like it’s a football game — one that ends before the first quarter is up and a touchdown is made. Read about sex relationship at findgirlsdating.com site.

Why Are Men So Immature About Sex Relationship?

So why are some guys so infantile when it comes to the topic of sex? Well, that is not such an easy question to answer, but since I will probably be receiving some hate mail in any case, I may as well do my best at trying.

Some guys get all dimwitted when the topic or act of sex arises because they’ve never been taught about the sensual aspect of sex. Sex is not about looking at Carmen Electra in Play.boy and using lube with your right hand, it’s about a shared experience with someone that you (hopefully) care for.

men vs. women

The best way to explain this more thoroughly is by referring to your sister or cousin. If a guy was talking to you about the night that he had with her and was using descriptive and colorful words like, “yeah, I banged her on the bed, then I nailed her against the wall, and then I just kept screwing her after that,” your fist would probably find its way to his face through reflex alone.
Let’s face it; both sexes tell their closest friends about their sex lives. The difference lies in what’s said and how it’s said. While women refer to it as “lovemaking,” guys tend to use tool references like “hammer, bang, nail, screw,” and the like. Stop it, it’s disrespectful.

Obviously, you need not refer to sex hookup in the same manner that your woman does, but you can most definitely tone down the use of tools in your lingo. You don’t have to “make love” if that makes you feel somewhat effeminate, but why not “have sex” instead? It sounds better and lets her maintain her dignity without even knowing it.

Why Are Men So Immature About Sex Relationship?

yuck, you’re bleeding

Now don’t get me wrong, obviously, as a teenager, that’s quite understandable as not many guys would know much about a woman’s waterworks, but acting as though menstruation were some inexplicable disease is just a turn-off in any case.
Guys who shudder anytime a woman mentions the word “period,” are probably the same ones who tell their friends that “she was on her knees for at least 35 minutes giving it to me last night.” Winners.

So stop acting like it’s disgusting, after all, you have no problem sticking your member in there when she’s not on her menses, so why should you act like you’re experiencing cardiac arrest the second a tampon comes into eye view?

don’t pout over sex

Sometimes, she’s just not in the mood. That doesn’t mean that she loves you any less or thinks that you’re not as sexy. It just means that she’s either tired, feeling somewhat off, or perhaps even lazy.
Okay, so sometimes women simply aren’t in the mood. Now I’m not referring to a 3-year dry spell, but rather one night out of the blue, you begin slowly humping her from behind while she’s watching TV. She says “Baby, I’m not in the mood.” Don’t start acting like a 3-year-old whose pussycat was taken away for rough play.

If you start pouting and huffing and puffing, you’re basically guaranteeing that there won’t be any sex chat that evening, and maybe not even the next day. I recommend that you also steer clear of starting a fight because then you may not even get to sleep in the same bed.

And what’s up with those bodily functions?

stop your noise

If you want to ensure that she’s always turned on by you, keep your flatulent ways to a minimum and she will continue to treat you like a man rather than her son; stop your noise and always stay on your toes.
If there’s any way to kill the romance or sexual aspect of a casual relationship, it’s by farting, burping, going to the bathroom, or talking about your bodily functions in front of your woman. We don’t want to know that you got halfway through the alphabet while you were burning, or that your fart smelled so bad that the bus had to be evacuated. Keep those stories for the boys.

As well, when you have to go to the washroom, close the door. And don’t moan and push so loud that the people in the apartment next door will know that you’re constipated. And hey, try to keep the washroom smelling the way it did before you got in there.

straight for the teets

Take your time; you’ve got all night. Kiss her, rub her thighs, lick up her back, suck behind her knees — there’s no limit to the things you can do. As well, she can do the same for you and although you may not think so now, you’ll ultimately love the way she bites the back of your neck.
Whereas some women love it when you head straight for the breasts and the vagina, most would prefer being acknowledged as a woman first, sexualized body parts second. Perhaps you’d be happy if we’d just fall to our knees and pleasure you till dawn, but we like to have our entire package massaged, not just a couple of parts.

45-second foreplay is not as tantalizing as the longer variety and if you treat it like a chore, then it will be one. Appreciate her body and the orgasms will follow.

you mean I’m not the only one?

And if you choose to ask about her other experiences, then you may be asking for trouble, as she may refer to something you don’t want to hear about. Your best bet is to leave exes in the past and live for days ahead for the two of you. And if she tells you that you’re the best, believe her — unless of course you only last for 4 seconds and your idea of foreplay includes the ride over to her place.
If you’re lucky enough to have taken your woman’s virginity, then good luck with all that, but increasingly nowadays, you will not be your woman’s first. She’s had other lovers and other experiences, but that doesn’t mean that she’s constantly thinking, “Gosh, Paolo was way better at this!” every time the two of you make love.

And since we’re on the topic of exes, stop saying things like, “My last girlfriend’s breasts were way bigger than yours,” or “she had a butt you could bounce quarters off.” If she was referring to her exes in that way, you’d find yourself feeling quite miffed about the whole conversation. So keep the “flattering the ex” commentary and the comparisons to a minimum. Trust me, it’ll save you a whole lot of grunt work.

it’s time to grow up

Protect yourselves at all time, and start doing that by getting yourself some free condoms.
It’s not hard to figure out that if you want sex to be a meaningful and fulfilling part of your life, you must treat it as such and treat her like she’s more than just a place to unload.

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