Best Naughty Ideas to Spice Up Married Sex

Marriage does not mean the end of sexual sex as we know it. In fact, there are many things that you can do to make it even more exciting than ever before.

Best Naughty Ideas to Spice Up Married Sex

Jake and Melissa have been married for 15 years and they have been counted. So John and Addy are the only difference between the two couples that in the latter half there are 3 children, whereas in the past there is a cat and a sucking pig. Nevertheless, both couples suffer from the same problem: monogamy in their marriage and sexual life.

All four claim to be a successful career and a comfortable lifestyle. Apart from traditional mortgages, they do not have any financial problems, and even for the rainy days, cash is also attached. Perhaps this is because they are so responsible that their lives have settled in a relaxed manner in a relaxed manner in a comfortable way. It does not mean that they are unhappy. Far from this, all four are reportedly happy with their colleagues.

Nevertheless, all four expressed their concerns when there is too much conformity for the routine. Their life can be great, they can love their colleagues, but they are tired of their sexual life. Do not blame marriage, because, for a long time, unmarried couples also suffer from this problem. It is very common to die for our physical instincts, and before you know, the facility takes its place

Why does this happen According to an article published on the Huffing ton Post, “It is human nature to seek novelty because the Yellow Elder has mentioned as the great thinkers – new couples to close each other’s shirts and lingerie Want to engage in – Romance has risen till the lower part of the morning; but in the end, after the night, the same naked body is bound to destroy its novelty to reach the night. Land. “??

If this is the case then there is no excuse why you should be in that situation. There are lots of naughty things that you can do to spice up married life and it seems that you have a new brand new again

How to Get Sexy Back in Your Wedding

Do not know where to start? Here are some naughty ideas that you can try to embrace your romantic spice.

# 1 Forget the sex routine One way to spice things is to forget the local sex schedule. Flip that rag and flush down the toilet, never be seen again. Most couples have a boring routine to do this at specific times. For example, John and Eddie only have sex on weekends, because it was only a time when they are not tired of work and children; On the other hand, Jake and Melissa, in the morning, on the “non-gym days” Are there. ??

In practice it is scheduled to schedule sex, there is no doubt that this is a terrible way of addressing our most basic and primary tendency. Whenever you like it, do it by doing so, whenever your schedule does not allow it

Marriage does not mean the end of sexual sex as we know it. There are many things that you can do to make it even more exciting than ever before. As the continuation of the points I made up, you can get any chance. In this way, you do not have to worry too much about pasting or making sure that you are not working late even before you zoom to work in your wife’s garage, or your husband Before shifting with a quick session against the kitchen sink, shock before it, as if it is God’s gift for busy

Use the # 3 Proposal You will find the next opportunities in the bedroom. You will be surprised how easy a pair of cute handcuffs can be. A silk blindfold? What about a winged whip? Flavored lubricant, perhaps? If you are embarrassed to go to a sex shop, then buy whatever you need online. Delivery on the same day, any? You can also use what you have in your kitchen. Ice, honey and whipped cream are great sex tools, and if you are a chocolate-loving, then leave the jar of Newletla for a good time. [Read: How to meet partner for NSA relationships online?]

Look at # 4 porn together. Everyone sees porn, so do not say and change your nose on it. Make this a point to see some porn with your partner, not only will you be sure to turn on both of them, but you will also receive tips and ideas from these suicidal videos. Not only this, you will know that your partner likes it.

Note the types of videos they choose, what they say like the tag, “public,” ?? “Orgy,” ?? “Anal,” ?? “redhead,”?? “Student” ?? Or “gay?” ?? There are hundreds of keywords and tags for porn talk, so pay attention to your partner’s choice, and try to repeat the next chance to get it. [Read: How do women like their pornography?]

# 5 Sex on the Work There is nothing compared to being nodded in one of the weakest places on earth: Why do not you surprise your husband during office lunch, ladies? Pop up with your favorite takeout and you’re in your office

Usually, dress up, but be sure to put on some of the bottoms completely stimulating, nipple pasties, sexy links, frustrated panties, and other naughty pieces of clothing come in the brain. Boys do this with their women, but do not wear anything under those pants and spice it up. Just hang loose, do not you?

# 6 Try newer posts, more than a missionary and dog-style, there is more to sex, so be sure to discover the joyful happiness of this mischievous world, buy books or scrape the Internet for Kama Sutra posts. Will be given, which you will meet in the neck of sexual intercourse at any time. [Read: Meet Girls Looking for Friends with Benefits]

# 7 Movies One of the best ways to make married life itself is to give yourself a chance to film yourself, turn on the camera mode on your laptop and move on to the movie on your own. Exit a whole production, and play with mood lighting, theater, and music. Why not, right? One thing to remember is where and how you store this video. Unless you want to be the next big porn couple, make sure to keep this file away from the prying eyes.

# 8 Dress Up Being a great penis is not always about being naked together, there is something very worrisome about dressing in costumes. Any sexy nurse A thong fireman, women want to jump over? Dressing up is not limited to costumes. All the women are out there, invest in fabulous lingerie and take a step by putting a pair of sexy stylos. Your man will not be able to remove your eyes or hands. mission accomplished.

# 9 Hang in sex talk, Of course, everything can be done about sex work, but do not underestimate the power of dirty talk. If you think that it is a loser in long-distance relationships then you are wrong. Everyone should be involved in sex talk so that they can keep things dirty in the bedroom.

With Mecca Mecca, “give it to me hard,” ?? And “you feel so good, you are a dirty slut,” ?? Be sure to ensure your heart racing and adrenaline level even when you get out of the bedroom, by slipping your partner’s things, such as “I can not wait until you have pinned”? Surely they will be excited to come. Play with the language and you will find exactly how sexy married sex really can be.

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Sexting # 10 Sexting is the technology that has led the world ahead and has been sexting one way to exploit its power. Send a naughty text or email to your partner, when they are at work, they will tell you how horny you are and you can not wait to get them naked while meeting at home. Snapchat is also a great app to use because you can send crappy images, which you can mistakenly take your family group chat without worrying about being sent incorrectly. [Read: 20 sexy text messages for starting sexy conversations]

# 11 ft. Play Being Naughty is all about being brave, so next time you are not in a good restaurant with the company, do not chicken. In the dinner, sit next to your partner and remove things that are holding hands while playing footwear. By the time of the second course of service, your fingers should be in your private area, turning them on and turning them around.

The key is to ensure that you are eating food with a tablecloth, because the last thing you want is that you throw the child in tears and sit at the table. Fancy place, whatever you are, it’s not when you are eating, you will become steamboat.

# 12 Check-in a hotel as you go home at your comfortable bed and do your familiar sheets and take a shower in your familiar bathroom with your familiar coconut shampoo, by checking in the fancy hotel, it likes masala. To make love in a beautiful place, order to serve expensive rooms, make an unholy mess of * everything * especially their hand towels * and there is not enough to check out the next day. [Read: Date with Adult Personals]

# 13 Roll-Play is an easy way to spice up your spice. Play the role of exciting characters and meet anywhere for the meeting place. For example, CIA agent Damon Cooper and Mosad Detective Larissa Headley in a five-star hotel bar Sees, while tying up the terrorist ring on a secret mission. One thing leads to another and, okay, you get the picture.

Set the stage for your imagination and make it fun The dates of the game of the doctor-nurse with rape scenes, whatever your fancy tickles and do not shy about it.

# 14 Nude time is when you are with your loved one, do not be shy to show your body, there is nothing in it compared to doing everyday things in naked people. By reading the paper to fling through tea through your TiVo selections, stay careless with your girlfriend to spend some time. Of course, make sure that the children are out of the house and you are not expecting a woman with a clean-up [Read: How to join Findgirlsdating for an online date?]

# 15 Stay Romantic Whether for a long time you can stay together, make sure that your romantic party never dies, looking for at least two nights in a month. Reservations are good at someplace, dress up, enjoy good food, and sort out on great wine. Even if you think of a fun night involving a food truck dinner, never stop trying to impress your beloved. As long as you do not stop to tempt each other, you can be assured that your wedding will be spicy and passionate.

# 16 Hookoo Playing Hooku is not just for rebel teenagers Choose a date and play Hooku with your spouse Whether you sit around the house or choose to play tourists in the city, enjoy each other’s company, Without worrying about whether your life has ended in some way.

# 17 Work Together A pair works together Together, it will always help you to remember the whole world. Fit and healthy habits are the best ways to make marriages. Not only will you stay in bed for a long time, the next time you take part in the naked day twice, but you also will not have a very awkward angle and situation to worry about.

At the end of the day, there are many naughty ideas to spice up your marriage. As long as you try it in and your husband or wife successfully understands to jump on the board, there is no reason why your marriage should be one of the boring people because researchers and life trainers are eager to analyze. Unless you continue to discover new ways to keep Spark alive, you both will be right.