Canadian Singles & Personals: Free Online Dating & Chat in Canadian

If your tired of going through website dating profiles for a Canadian man or woman near you for dating, then you can stop the frustration by trying Findgirlsdating. This is a dating website for Canadian singles that want to find someone close to home that perfect for them. No longer do you have to check to see where someone cute is from, you can be sure that you’re talking to a fellow Canadian.

Of course, that what I believed until I started to look into the website further. It turns out that you’re in the same situation as every other dating website and you have to sift through the masses of profiles to find someone close to home. The beginning registration had me thinking it was purely Canadian and then I decided to look furthermore, every country is there. And that great, but it really doesn’t make the sight any different than any other site.

Canadian Singles & Personals: Free Online Dating & Chat in Canadian

The Help section is pretty much the standard stuff that Ive found at a dozen other dating websites, so theres nothing fun to report there. I dont mean to say that it isnt effective or thorough, but its just nothing exciting. I guess when there are zillions of dating websites available today; its hard to make them original. does have its redeeming qualities though-although they seem to mirror everyone else.

Canadian Dating Site: 100% Free Online Dating in Canadian

The initial registration is free to browse around, but instant messaging and real time chats are only included in the premium memberships. I liked idea that I could call someone if I had a question. I dont the impersonal email requests for help that can go unanswered. So having a voice available around the clock was a nice option to me.

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Found it odd that didnt let you into the chat rooms until a premium member. Many other sites domaybe thats what makes it unique. In a bad way. I like the opportunity to get a feel for everyone before I start paying to get to know them. But at $29.95 a month, I guess its cheaper than a wasted night on the town with someone your brother set you up with. If you pay for three months. Its only $69.95 and you get to renew that for $19.95 per month after that. So all in all, the pricing is reasonable.

I guess I just wasnt all that impressed with Us from the customer service. And for someone who is new to the online dating scene, this can be the most important feature though. Why not try the free stuff and see if it fits you