What men want in a relationship?

What exactly does he want in a relationship – has left womankind perpetually perplexed.

“I don’t understand what’s on your mind?”

“All you men are same”

“I guess it’s true, men are from Mars and women from Venus”

What men want in a relationship?
Woman and man lying down in bed

You have heard these statements more than a dozen times- sometimes in jest or accusation or maybe out of sheer helplessness. What is it that women don’t really understand about men and why do the best of relationships sometimes fall apart? As a woman reading this blog will give you greater clarity into what your man wants from a relationship and will help you understand his needs better. On the other hand, as a man who is often accused of talking less and not letting his feelings show, you can understand your own needs better to keep them free in your intimate dating burning.

We checked with 25 men, generous to have shared their views with us, from varied socio-economic and professional backgrounds about what they want from a relationship. And guess what, sex is not all that they want. There is more to them and their needs. Here are ten things, compiled in order of preference from responses received, that men ant from a relationship.

  • Sexual Intimacy

In an intimate dating, a man connects with his partner through sex. Simply put, sex is to a man, what communication is to a woman. Let’s not think of sex as a kinky desire only. For a man, having sex with his woman assures him that she is physically available to him, the way she is to none other. This exclusively provides him security and a sense of empowerment. Often, a real dating man will initiate sex just to make sure that you are still sexually available to him.

  • Maturity

There comes a time in every relationship when misunderstandings arise. How you respond to such situations matters a lot to your man. The aya woman handles her emotions is important for a man when deciding whether or not to get serious with her. Men are attracted to women who are emotionally & mentally mature.

  • Space

Sometimes a man needs a lot of togetherness and sometimes a lot of space. Even when a man is completely devoted to you, there are moments when he wants to ‘log out’ of the whole thing. Men respect women who understand that space is vital to a healthy relationship.

  • Communication

So this whole thing about fuck buddy being commitment-phobic is mostly a myth. For men to get into a relationship, they just have to be sure, very sure. Surprisingly, this is what they seek from their partners too. Once your man is assured of you being completely committed and ‘into’ the relationship, you will see a different side of your lover.

  • Friendship

Any strong relationship is built on a great friendship. When a guy is a friend, he is himself. He does not fear to lose his partner and is not under the pressure of being judged. He will talk just about anything and everything. Even when bored he will enjoy those moments, sometimes hours of silence with his friend. So it’s a good idea to be his friend first and then his girlfriend or spouse. As a friend, you will more often than not know what he’s up to.

  • Confident woman

Nothing is more attractive to a guy than a woman who knows her mind and is sure of herself. As a confident woman, he sees you as an individual capable of thinking not just for yourself but maybe him in the long run. An equal partner will keep him engaged in the relationship. Being over-dependent on him can make the relationship burdensome and thus cause cracks. So the next time you are out on a date or have a fabulous night in, take charge and see what follows.

  • Fidelity

Fidelity is one of the most stressed aspects of a relationship. Although a subjective term, fidelity or loyalty usually boils down to the same thing; having agreed to remain affectionate and committed to your partner over other potential partners. Physical fidelity is perhaps the easiest to understand. Emotional fidelity means that, even though you go and spend time with friends or co-workers, you don’t allow your emotional attachment to those people. Men want women who are physically and emotionally Fidel. Emotional infidelity can be as damaging.

  • Communication

Clichéd but true, communication is what will make all the difference. It is the crucial mortar that binds the relationship together; any crack in it can crumble the relationship down except casual relationship. This aspect will come into play, even more, when the two of you have just about nothing to say to each other or are unwilling to listen to each other. Talk to understand, not to respond.

  • Support and encouragement

In relationships, most men are easily encouraged through small gestures. A women’s approval is a powerful motivator for her man. He feels respected and wanted if you can provide him with the right support and encouragement. Be it his job, financial crisis, his parent’s health or your own relationship issue, be there for him. Simply put, stand by your man.

  • Trust

An important ingredient in any romantic relationship in trust. Trust breeds trust and nurtures intimacy between partners. It might take some time before your man will actually fully trust you. But when he does, he will do it completely. He wants you to place that same trust in him. Getting insecure about a female colleague of his might not go down too well with him if he is being open about it.

“Humans have unnecessarily made love a bit too complex for themselves. Being in love is to be perpetually optimistic & spreading happiness all around. Being in love is to be creative. It is about being magical, living supremely in the present & keeping things simple. In short, being in love is being full of life! And it is singularly easy to be in love; all you need is to love.”

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