Where Can I Meet Younger/Older Women in NYC?

Question – Hi! I am a single man in my late thirties with no luck using dating websites. What are some ways I can meet younger women in NYC?

Question – Hi! I am a middle aged man with two adult children and who lost his better half a year ago. Can anyone help me with places where I can meet older women in NYC?

There are many places in New York City with a large number of younger women. If you visit someo f the places we recommend in this article, you can meet many younger women in NYC who are single, and are also interested in dating and meeting new guys.

Check out some of the following places to get started.

[Answered] Where Can I Meet Younger/Older Women in NYC?
  1. Fashion Stores – There are many fashion related clothing stores all over New York. Many younger women show a keen interest in fashion of all kinds ranging from handbags, apparels, footwear and lots more. Visit these stores and help them make the right choice with a smile. If they show interest in making their own choice, compliment them on making a good choice. Bloomingdales is a fashion stores that younger women find interesting.  If you are wealthy, then you can find yourself a sugar baby fairly easily.
  2. Parties – Accept invitations to parties by friends in NYC. Take this opportunity to have a nice time with common friends. Introduce yourself and strike an amiable conversation with the women. This can be fun and before you know it, both the younger woman and you will be enjoying each other’s company. And what if no one calls you for a party? Host one yourself and invite friends over. Tell them to bring a few guests over.
  3. Cafes –Cafes are a common place that can be interesting to both young men and women. You can almost be certain that you will be able to meet hip young ladies. Visit as many cafes as you can in NYC, and you will surely be lucky to find quite a few young women. Some cafes that you can check out in NYC are Brown Café, Café Grumpy, and Bridge Café to mention just a few.
  4. Lunch or Happy Hours – Some restaurants have special lunch and happy hours timings which help people catch up with their coworkers and people from other organizations during lunch time.  Share a table with a young woman or a group of them and start a lively conversation. You may soon that the group shares common feelings or views as yours.
  5. Libraries – There are more libraries in New York City than you can ever imagine. Some older women in NYC are avid readers and love becoming members of one or more libraries. Libraries help them to gain access a lot of books that they cannot buy for themselves. Check out different libraries in and around your area, and also those slightly away from where you stay. Take a membership with these libraries.
  6. Museums and Historical Places – Museums and historical places interest most elderly people and they love going to such places. Visit them yourself and enjoy talking about these places to other visitors. Greet them with a smile and a friendly handshake. Tell them interesting facts that you know about the place you are in. Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, and The Museum of Natural History are some places that you can meet older women in NYC.
  7. Hobby or Activity Clubs – Many clubs or groups are formed from time to time for people who share the same hobby or activity to come together for a discussion. Check out for such a club in your area. If the club focuses on discussion about activities that interest you, things cannot be better. Alternatively, you may consider joining the club to gain knowledge about the activity and develop a new hobby. Eagerness to learn something new can help you to meet older women in NYC who share the same tastes.
  8. Seminars and Workshops – Participate in seminars and/or workshops that are especially meant for older people. In big cities like New York, there are many such events that take place on a periodic basis. Enroll yourself for these seminars and/or workshops, and keep yourself actively involved in them.
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New York City is really a large city, and is flooded by both young and old women of all ages. You can find older women in NYC in most places that you find younger women. However, there are some places that interest older women more than younger ones. You can try your luck at such places. Here are a few places to get started with to help you meet older women in NYC.

The above are just a few places where you can meet younger women in NYC.  Supermarkets, Online Dating site like findgirlsdating.com, parks, and even trains and subways are some places you are almost certain of finding eligible young women.