The Facts of Love: Part One

For most of us, we already know a little bit about love. We’ve been in it; it has controlled our lives in some form or fashion. But there are still a few fun facts about love that everyone should know.

Whether you’re using free dating sites to meet up with Mr. or Miss. Right or whether you’re going the old-timey route and hitting up those bars and beaches, there’s still a great rule of thumb when it comes to love: the more you know about it, the easier it is to find and fall into it.

The Facts of Love: Part One

Free Dating USA’s Fun Facts about Love: 1-5

1: Kissing Lifespan
It has been thoroughly studied and researched, and the results might surprise you. Men who kiss their wives in the morning live up to five years longer than men who don’t! Why? Well, anyone still wanting to kiss their wives after a few years knows the answer.

2: The Tilt
Over 65% of all people who kiss have a habit of tilting their heads to the right when lip-locked. And let’s face it: nobody keeps their head in a straight line.

3: Feminist Revolution
The way feminists are portrayed in the mainstream, you wouldn’t think they needed nor sought a relationship with a man. But the facts are overwhelming – women who claim to be feminists are almost two times as likely to end up in a stable relationship with a man.

4: Close Proximity
This fun fact may appear to throw a monkey wrench into the free dating site market at first, but it’s just the truth. The reason so many office romances pop off is because close proximity is the number-one factor when dealing with love. People close together are likely to fall for one another.

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5: Natural Prozac
Being in love is great for the mind, body and spirit, literally. For the first year or so that a person is in love, they experience nerve growth which helps restore the nervous system, fight off anxiety, improve memory, etc.