The Facts of Love: Part Two

Although we can feel it with every fiber of our being, most of us still don’t really understand love. We only know that we want it and, in some cases, cannot possibly survive without it.

In order to find that person that’s perfect for you, free dating sites are a great way to go about the search. But before you decide to get serious, you should first have some fun. Here are five more fun facts about love to add to the list.

The Facts of Love: Part Two

Free Dating USA’s Fun Facts about Love: 6-10

6: The Fear
The same physical effects you receive from being scared out of your wits are the exact same physical effects you experience when in love: dilated pupils, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, etc.

7: Midnight Snack
Did you know that when looking at a photo of the person you’re in love with, most people activate the same part of their brain that is responsible for food cravings?

8: Early Birds
Talk about an early start – the women of the Tiwi tribe, natives of the South Pacific, are married at birth. Being single at two days old makes you one of those old cat ladies in this tribe.

9: The Love Detector Test
There’s a test in Korea provided by KTF that analyzes voice patterns and measures a person’s affection, surprise, honesty, etc, and ultimate tells the tale if you’re in love or not. It is said to be incredibly accurate.

10: Detective Work
Over 11% of women have a habit of checking out their boyfriend’s history using the computer. For women using free dating sites, this number is probably astonishingly higher.

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