The Facts of Love: Part Three

So, you already know all about how fear and love offer up the same responses, and that there’s an operator out there somewhere in Korea that knows all about whether you’re truly in love or not – but there are still plenty of interesting little love facts to go.

The Facts of Love: Part Three

Not every article you read pertaining to the genre of free dating needs to be serious. Sometimes it’s fun just to go through some silly facts and to find out some things about love that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Free Dating USA’s Fun Facts about Love: 11-15

11: Doppelganger
It’s not only an old wives tale – couples together for a long period of time really do develop personalities that mimic one another.

12: Old-Time Rock and Roll
The next time you think playing a love song for your bf/gf/husband/wife is a little dated because John Cusack did it in the ‘80s, remember that the first love song in recorded history is well over 4,000 years old and comes from the Euphrates Rivers (B.C.!).

13: Humble Beginnings
Well, all traditions have to start somewhere, right? The tradition of husbands giving wives a diamond ring was started when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy, his fiancée, a diamond ring in the 15th century.

14: Words Matter
43% of women claim that, if a man gives them a card signed “love,” then they better actually mean it or they do not want the card at all.

15: Love is OCD
When you first fall in love, you will produce a lot less of the hormone serotonin. You know who else has low levels of serotonin like these? That’s right – OCD sufferers. So the next time that you feel people in love are obsessed, just remember that they are!

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