Dating Sites Beyond-Dirty Talk with the Shyness Factor

By this point in your life, you probably already know that there’s nothing quite as hot as talking dirty with your partner during sex. It’s just something that, when done right, is absolutely mind-bending. It really gets the juices flowing and can turn a basic sexual encounter into an all-night, forget-me-not romp of pure passion.

Dating Sites Beyond-Dirty Talk with the Shyness Factor

Talk dirty and turn her (or him!) on now and forever

But what if you’re the shy type, not really great at letting those words out during the heat of passion? Is there anything you can say that’s considered “dirty talk” and still pushes your partner’s buttons?

It’s a little harder to talk dirty if you’re shy, obviously, but there are still some basic things you can start with to talk dirty without feeling dirty even over the wires of free dating sites .

Talk dirty on dating sites and beyond tips:

Oh, Yeah

Of course, these tips are for live sexual encounters – but they will also work if you’ve yet to meet your partner and are still connected through free dating sites. Hey, who is anyone to knock phone sex!? It’s great. Anyway, simply saying “oh, yeah” while having sex lets your partner know that he/she is doing something right.

Mm, Right There

Like the first tip, every little “ooh” or “ah” or “mm” you utter will excite both you and your partner, and letting them know that they’re hitting the right spot—especially if they are hitting the right spot!—will keep them there.

Yes, Like That. Yes!

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This one is breaking a little bit from the shyness and venturing into the dirty. Saying, “like that; yes” is the precursor for some more outlandish things, if you get my drift, and can be extremely sexy, even when whispered.

Don’t Stop

Well, this one is fairly self-explanatory. Saying “don’t stop” will usually have a great reaction. Your partner, especially a man, will thrust harder and faster and the sex can get pretty intense from there.

Say my Name

This one can work one of two ways. Either you tell your partner something along the lines of “say my name, baby,” or you say his/her name during sex. Either way, it’s sexy.