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There is a girl who I got attracted to although she’s got a boyfriend. I get advice telling me to take it slow, become friends gradually, get really close with her.

But then there’s advice saying the opposite, saying how that thing will lead you to a dead end. Well with respect to becoming anything more than friends.”

Tips to getting really close to woman

There could be any number of reasons why a woman would be more open to her ex boyfriend and his family then to you. Perhaps her family knows their family quite well, or maybe since they are her boyfriend’s friends that they do not pose any threat to her. By threat I mean push her emotional buttons.

Before you came along they had the whole group thing figured out on who was going with who, who was friends with who etc. When you came along you threw there whole group dynamics into a spin. Instead of just being a new passive group member you created a bit of excitement – commotion by showing a keen interest in her. This sparked a whole series of events that led to you and her being very responsive and alert to each other’s presence.

Dating tips for a sex free relationship?

In the laws of relationships that would have been the initial attraction stage. However due to the fact that she had a boyfriend and couldn’t really act on her emotions had she wanted to! She therefore backed off and allowed things to cool off between the both of you.

You should set your sights on someone who is not already involved with someone else. The respectful thing to do when you find out someone you like is involved with someone already is to leave them alone. Now you are sort of in limbo at the moment. Just short of being her next boyfriend and not really someone she would call a close friend. It will probably take a considerable amount of effort on your part to become part of her life but if you are willing to do it then good for you.

Make a sex free relationship romantic

It appears that you might not need to organize a group outing after all, although going out with friend make awkward moments easier to get over for both sides. She might say yes to you if you asked her as well. Firstly because she would feel quite comfortable at having her friend come along and secondly that the three of you would be small enough of a group for you not to have to compete with others for her attention.

If she teases and flirts with you while she is with her almost ex-boyfriend, she’ll do the same to you. If I were you, I’d set my sights on someone who is not already involved with someone else. The respectful thing to do when you find out someone you like is involved with someone already is to leave them alone. You can still be attracted to her, and you will, but you should not be flirting with, teasing, or pursuing her.