Dating Internationally How to Date Foreign Women Looking for Sex

Join Now and meet Foreign women looking for sex tonight. Ever given some thought to the idea of dating a babe who isn’t even remotely connected to you by geography or culture? If you haven’t, you should – you’re already international in every other area of your life. Your dream car will be from Italy, the best DVD players are Japanese and any company still stodgy enough to give their retirees a gold watch always goes Swiss.

Isn’t it time to go global with your social life?

If you aren’t convinced that your social life would benefit from exercising the option to go foreign, pause for a moment to consider the influence of non-native elements in the development of curves in babes. Whether it’s saline or silicone, a glimpse of a surgically enhanced mondo cleavage is always enough to raise the male flagpole, regardless of the national colours you’ve been flying so far.


Dating Internationally How to Date Foreign Women Looking for Sex

If I’ve managed to finally intrigue you about dropping your trading barriers against dating internationally instead of only domestically, you might like to know that you are in the same deal as the UN: there are always two sides to every cross-border issue.

Join the Foreign Legion – See the World!
When you decide to start dating foreign girls, you’re getting your foot in the door of a delectable cultural buffet – every item is worth tasting at least once, but these highlights are worth pointing out:

Meet Foreign Girls for Sex Tonight

  • Great Sex – Ever been to the Old Country? When I was in Italy a few summers ago, right there at the bus stops in Rome, next to the Coliseum (hello, Gladiator) were newsstands that happily stocked newspapers and sport periodicals side by side with hardcore fetish sex magazines. The deal clincher for dating foreign, especially the European girls (skip the prudish English!) is that they are far more likely to indulge your most lurid fantasy. Of course, if you’re after a threesome, you may have to do the legwork to find the extra girl… or guy. Hey – swing with it, c’est tres chic!
  • Swedish Au Pair girls – they are a ‘70s soft porn staple, complete with ridiculous rhyming names (say hello to the triplets, Olga, Helga and Zelda!) and the perfect dumb blonde accents, but all of these traits are forgotten and forgiven when you see them in the flesh – clothed or otherwise. Blue eyes, blonde hair and a bountiful bosom are a combination that will give even Baywatch babes a bad case of green envy.
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  • French Connection – She could be talking on the phone to her best girlfriend explaining her dull insider hints on how to best stem her monthly flow, but when a French woman speaks, it sounds hotter than the most erotic bedside talk you’ve ever heard stateside. She could read the Yellow Pages in bed and you will get a French Revolution in your the groin region; pray that if she takes to showing you the oral delights of French Kissing to the 69th degree that no heads get chopped should you surprise her with coming to attention earlier than she was expecting!
  • It’s Not Fully Clean Until It’s… there is no any societal tendency for foreign girls to gravitate towards a career in being domestic help; far from it. However, when they witness your Americanized tolerance of living in an apartment that is one mold away from being declared a federal biohazard, it will fiercely conflict with their inner sense of cleanliness. They could be brilliant doctors or lawyers during their working day, but getting involved with a slob will bring out their cleaning instinct. There’s an old saying about why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, but you’re a sucker if you don’t keep the cow that cleans up after you!

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Some things were never meant to be and without throwing cold water on your worldwide party, it may not be your job to unite planet Earth through love. If you’re going to venture into the overseas markets, you have to know that it’s not without potential pitfalls.

  • Beware the Foreign Menace Even Henry Kissinger on his best day didn’t get it all his way when dealing with other countries: sometimes, there simply is no way to deal diplomatically with a foreign babe that was once friend but is now foe. Breakups happen all around the world, but make a mental note that it translates differently in different places. Some girls might be OK with staying friends (you may have been THEIR foray into the foreign currency trading game) but most of the rest will think that it’s a no-man’s land. Western girls might be OK with you asking for one last romp for old-times-sake, but it could an unintended declaration of war for an Asian girl. If it’s going down, abandon ship and don’t wait for survivors.
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  • You Say Toh-Mar-To, I Say Toh-May-To What works in one culture may not work in another – you might think something you’re saying will be understood as it was intended but when translated across the seas, the subtitles could become the mother of all screw-ups. Holding hands, for example, means next to nothing for a girl raised in the west, but the average Asian girl will assume that you’ve anointed her as The One; she’ll start gazing longingly into the Tiffany’s display every time you pass it expecting you to do about 2 month’s salary worth of business in diamonds in the very near future. And all you wanted to do was hold hands…

Exploring new worlds is an enticing business – you could discover the delights of amazing treasures that lie in a foreign land. While you may not fully comprehend the local interpretation of social rules for behaviour (did you know that Stallone is still HUGE in Japan?) it could be a journey into the jungle from which you emerge smiling with a whole new view of dating foreign girls. If you’re still seeking guidance on how to go, take a cue from who is making your underwear – Made in USA or Made in China?