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Findgirlsdating site is a true and recognized authority among wealthy dating websites. You will find a big number of successful and wealthy men and women dating here. They are on a lookout for someone to pet. Join Sugardaddie if you want to meet this kind of personals. If you are rich and successful and looking to date someone, Sugar daddies has a good selection of singles who are looking to date YOU.

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That’s the advertising bit anyway. The real situation on Sugar baby is very different. Forget all about the glamour, fancy stuff and all that. It’s simply an affair and hookup site for rich people. Yeah, it’s a good place to meet someone accomplished, stable and even famous. On the other side, don’t expect romance and dreamy relationships. Many people here are looking for casual deals. Many are married and looking for a playmate. If this describes you, Sugardaddie has it all covered. See for yourself.

Sugardaddie Site review from my own experience

Dating sites reviews are often written by people who have no clue. Many of them are writers who never registered on a dating site. You can hear all the technical details, numbers, media reports cited, but all that means nothing to you. Every one of us will have a different experience on these sites.

I have first time joined Sugar daddy sometime in 2003. That’s about one year after they came online. At the time they had a very few people on it. I have dropped out for three or four years. When I went back it was a very different place.

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Thousands of people in my State (Cali). Many real rich personals. Some celebrities. I’m not looking for sponsors. I’m actually after pets. I have this dominant fantasy and these sites are perfect for scouting for submissive types.

I’ve contacted a few and met one guy and a girl on two separate dates. I won’t go into details but I was told that I’m exceptionally nice. Apparently these rich guys are rude and nasty. I wouldn’t know, you tell me if you find out.

Fast forward a few years. I went back. Again many more people on it. Millions site – wide and tens of thousands in San Francisco. Many of them not active in a long time, so these numbers are probably not real. However, there are more than enough opportunities for you here. I’m talking at least 10k active members in a medium sized city. That’s enough for you to date for a lifetime.

There were a few changes on the website. It went from worldwide to location limited dating site. Sugardaddie is now available in The US, The UK, Canada and Australia only! And the price went down to ten bucks a month! That’s one of the cheapest premium dating websites today!

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Married Affairs On Sugardaddie

Although it’s not advertised as an affair website, Sugardaddie is one of the easiest casual and affair dating sites. Think about it. People who join this site don’t really care about your marital status. All they want is to be spoiled. Many of them are practically selling themselves and this makes it easier than ever. It’s not prostitution. There is a fine line between the oldest trade and dating on Sugardaddie. You will understand once you spend some time on this site.

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I can guarantee that you can find a discreet and very safe affair on Sugardaddie. It is also the cheapest place to do it. The site works for you flawlessly. Make sure to be nice, you will have a much higher success rate. Show respect and patience and you will be on your way to have a perfect affair. Doing so here, you will potentially help someone. It actually feels great.

Sugardaddie Review – Conclusion

Sugardaddie has it all. You will get all the features you can find on other sites. It has nice and hot personals, many of them are models and in film industry (seriously). You will find straight and gay personals in equal numbers. There are slightly more men than women, but this is the same on all dating sites today. If someone is telling you differently, he is lying. You will find married and single people. Married are usually not honest about it. Since many of them are famous, this is easy to find out. Those that are not will tell you soon enough.

Join Sugardaddie site if you are looking for someone to spoil. If you want to be spoiled and find a sponsor, this is also a great place to start. If you come from later group, be careful. Many of these rich people are not as nice as they present themselves.

Very popular with mainstream media. Maybe the first site featured on talk shows across the country – ages ago! With this reputation there is a guarantee you will find many people on it. Are you late for the party? Not at all. There are at least 300 active wealthy men in California alone! And that’s only people who are open about their wealth. On many of these sites you will be contacted by rich people who don’t have a public profile. You want to try Sugardaddie now!

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Another famous brand on this list is Established Men. This rich dating site is a well balanced mix of affair and wealthy dating website. While you may not meet Brad Pitt here, you will be presented with a solid offer of, well, established men – people who are verified professionals looking for arrangements of all sorts. Everything is possible. Excellent site if you ask me. Not very popular abroad I’m afraid, but there are thousands of people active in the US. Search your city and give it a chance today.