Where Can I Find Rich Men in Boston?

Question – Hello! I am a single woman from Boston and born to a well to do family. Can anyone please tell me where I can find rich men in Boston to date and possibly marry?

There are many places in Boston where you will find a lot of rich men. Making your choice may seem a challenge but is not as tough as it sounds. An open mindset to dating can help you shortlist the partner of your choice.

[Answered] Where Can I Find Rich Men in Boston?

Check out some of these places to get started with.

  1. Social Gatherings – Businessmen often get together for a business meet. You will find a lot of rich men in Boston during such business meetings. Take active interest in your family business and join him for these meetings. Discuss with the men present about ways to promote business standards. You are very likely to find at least a few men who share your views with you.
  2. Designer Stores – Rich men love sporting designer apparels and trendy outfits. Fashion is often of importance to them. Walk into such stores and help men who come there to select an outfit that suits them. But be subtle about it and make sure you let them know that you don’t work there. Check out some leading designer stores such as St. Croix Shop, MDFO and Copley Place to find rich men in Boston.
  3. Expensive Restaurants – Call a few friends over for lunch or dinner to an expensive restaurant. Ask them to invite some of their friends as well. If they come accompanied by men, you can consider yourself lucky. Greet the guests with a smile and a handshake. Have fun with conversation as you dine. You can call a different group of friends each time. Some good restaurants you can invite your friends to are L’Espalier, Numbr 9 Park, Top of the Hub, and TPC Boston.
  4. Gadget Stores – Rich men usually take pride in possessing costly electronic gadgets such as an iPad, the latest music system or just about anything. As soon as an interesting gadget hits the market, they rush to the store to buy them. Brookstone is a famous gadget store in Boston where you are very likely to find rich men in Boston.
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Boston is a happening place in the US and you will find rich men(your sex buddy for night) in Boston in almost any part of the city. Your telephone directory can be the best guide to help you some interesting places that rich men usually frequent.