25 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive to Date Women

25 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive to Date Women

Feeling sexy is not always easy. When you’re tired or stressed, sometimes it’s the last thing you think about. But with these 25 natural methods, you will soon feel well on your way to sexy and desirable once again. Join Findgirlsdating.com to Meet Women for Dating near you.

1. Work on your self-confidence

If you feel good about yourself, you’ll feel better about sex.

2. Don’t let fighting get the better of you

If you don’t resolve issues with your partner, they can creep into the bedroom.

3. De-stress as much as you can

Stress does nothing to help sex-drive and often leaves sex as the last thing on your mind.

4. Change the way you look at sex

If you see sex as a chore, you’ll never enjoy it. Try and see it as a pleasurable activity to be shared with someone.

5. Use your imagination

Spend some time thinking about what really turns you on, then try and make it happen.

6. Stretch it out

Limbering up and stretching is a great way to improve blood flow in the body and relax.

7. Exercise

As you exercise, you will become less stressed and will start feeling better about yourself.

8. Go for a massage

By releasing tension and increasing blood flow, massages can do wonders for your sex life.

9. Do some yoga

As you relax and improve blood flow around your body, you may find your levels of desire increasing.

10. Get some new perfume

Smelling good can increase the libido of both you and your partner.

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11. Stop smoking

Smoking can have a negative effect on blood flow, causes bad breath and is just plain unattractive to some people.

12. Lose some weight

If you feel you are overweight, this can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. The less attractive you feel, the less you want to have sex.

13. Get some sleep

If you’re tired and stressed out, you probably aren’t going to be in the mood. Sleeping well encourages good health and good sex too.

14. Don’t drink too much

Alcohol can be a great way to initially increase desire, but it can also lead to impotence and unattractiveness if taken too far.

15. Try eating some sensual food

Some foods get you in the mood, experiment with your partner and see what works best.

16. Don’t be afraid to touch

Touching your partner physically is a great way to work on a feeling of closeness and increase sexual feelings. Hold hands and hug. It can’t hurt.

17. Eat more protein

Eating protein gives you a shot of energy, which can leave you feeling ready for action.

18. Try not to eat too many simple carbohydrates

Things like pizza, pasta and breads can leave you feeling sleepy. That doesn’t bode well for sensuality.

19. Eat less saturated fats

Eating too much saturated fats can lead to clogged arteries, which may affect blood flow in those most important areas.

20. Eat more fish

Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for improving circulation and overall sexual health.

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21. Consider your hormones

If you feel you have a low sex-drive, perhaps your hormones are imbalanced. Speak to your doctor.

22. Leave the anti-depressants behind

Many anti-depressants can have a negative effect on the libido. If you feel you are able, discuss cutting down or going off them entirely with your doctor.

23. Consider adrenal fatigue

If you have a low sex-drive and feel tired and on edge, you may have this condition. Speak to your doctor about a diagnosis.

24. Consider supplementing with Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba improves the blood flow not only to your brain, but also to your sexual organs. It is considered by some to also improve desire and arousal.

25. Yohimbe – the natural Viagra

This plant has been used in Africa for many years to improve sexual potency.