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A lot of people do not believe that blind dates are a waste of time and that there is very little that they can gain from going on one. Mostly these opinions have been formed by a bad experience, a friend who had a bad experience or watching a bad romance movie.

But you have to wonder, if you took this attitude into your last blind date, was it not maybe your attitude rather than the blind date itself that caused the evening to be a failure?

There is no way that every blind date you go on is going to be a smashing success. But the same can be said for just about any dating situation or even interaction with the opposite sex.

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What to remember when on blind dates

It is important to remember, especially with blind dates, not to put too much pressure on the evening. You are meeting a stranger, anything could happen. They might be the love of your life or you might just end up really good friends or you may end up irritating the life out of each other.

The important thing is to not take any expectations into the blind date. Be open to every eventuality and let the evening go where it may.

You must be open-minded, have the right attitude and be prepared to have a little fun. If you make a snap judgement on first appearances. You are potentially setting yourself up for a rather disappointing next few hours. Be prepared to get involved in a spirited two-way conversation where you both get to talk about what interests you, what is important to you and what turns you off.

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Just have fun dating

Keep it light, interesting and, if you can, make it funny or just plain fun. You will be surprised how well the time goes by because it is funny how time slips away when you are actually having a good time.

Trust me, there have been successful blind dates in the past. There will be again in the future and there is no reason why your next blind date be a success. Just keep an open mind to opportunities. It always have to just be about sex or finding your soul mate.

In terms of finding love, generally, the most successful blind dates are usually set up by someone who knows both parties and has put a bit of thought into setting it up.

If one of your friends ever does try to set you up with a blind date. Make sure they have thought about your compatibility with your date. There is nothing worse than someone trying to set you up just for the sake of it, or because they feel sorry for you.

Think right

With the right approach and mind set. Blind dates and be a very fun and enjoyable way to spend an evening. Just relax, enjoy the evening and let it evolve naturally and the relationship. You form with your date will find its own level.

Always remember; making a new friend is not worst thing in the world, maybe one of her friends is your soul mate.