How to Attract a Girl and Energize your Life with Sex ?

Sex is a great energy booster and can help you when you least expect it. It can get rid of headaches, numb your pain, and help you de-stress before a big day. So how do you use it? Find out here.

How do you attract a girl? What are the most important things that you need to know when you make a move to talk to a girl on the street? The Huggable Understanding Guy tells you everything you need to know to sweet talk your way into her heart and a whole lot of other places.

How to Attract a Girl and Energize your Life with Sex ?

Sex for pleasure, Sex for relaxation, free fuck site for fun, frolic, social status. You’ve heard of it and may even have done all that but can a tumble in the hay be serious business? How can you sex up your life, and let sex energize you?

You knew that sex with a loved one is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep. But did you know that a good session in bed can restore your energy levels on days when you are feeling low? Did you know that sex is nature’s best medicine against depression? Are you know that men enjoy sex because it re-energizes them physically, and women enjoy sex near me because it re-energizes them emotionally? Did you know that all extremely intelligent or creative people have had… ahem… extremely active casual sex lives?

Read up on the private lives of Freud, Einstein, and all those whose professional careers were the staple diet of your school books. This is the case with most artists, scientists, and even visionary political leaders. Sex is, to them, an essential part of life. Unlike most athletes who are asked to abstain from sex before major tournaments (that too for reasons not proved), scientists have never been found wanting after a romp under the sheets.

Why is This?

One answer could be the way the human body is wired. All the nerves in the human body come to roost in the brain. This is well-known. A good sexual encounter floods the brain with chemicals that relax the brain. Researchers have documented that this flooding dulls pain and reduces stress levels. Its effects on our energy levels and creativity are less researched and documented. It is known that high levels of energy are needed for bursts of creativity. But how do you get these high energy moments? The answer is in one word. Sex. The positive jolt that a good sexual experience can give your biochemical system is unbeatable!

Sex can get the creative juices flowing and help increase focus. If you have an interview or a big meeting coming up and you need to be at your best, do not abstain! A strong physical relationship will ensure that you stay on top of yourself. One evening, when you are very tired, and all you want to do is plead a proverbial headache and turn away, try this experiment. Turn towards your spouse and get the hormones going gently, soon they will be raging. By morning, you will find yourself well rested and refreshed. What’s more, you will spy the solution that has been evading you!

A Point to Remember

All this is only valid in situations where you love, respect and trust your partner. These results do not accrue from short-term relationships or one-night stands. As long as your relationship with the partner is passionate and loving, sex chat is a great healer.

One night stands, on the other hand, can leave us with mixed feelings. Sometimes it leaves us guilty and sometimes, we wake up with a bad hangover!

Chivalry is dead. Nobility has bowed its head down in shame. You’re completely lost trying to understand and score points with the opposite sex. Now, what do you do… watch movies and learn a few smooth tips or do you just listen to your heart? Hey, better still, read this feature.

So you’ve always wanted to be someone smooth.

Your moist eyes spread wide and you salivate as you watch Bond or Hitch smooth talk their way into the pants of the hottest of women at free online dating sites. You watch the movies over and over again to grasp a few tips but somehow each time, you seem to miss them. You fantasize and wish you could be in his pants, only to get into the pants of the beautiful women in your miserable and non-existent life. But hey, I understand, I’d hate my life too, if I were you.

Bond or Hitch weren’t always that smooth, you know. They polished themselves to be the men who could make women go weak in the knees. Anyways… acceptance is the first step to learn, so I shall help you polish yourself up to be the best man that you can be… one step at a time.

What do you say to her?

Ever felt like you’ve got a hard on in your throat just when you have to mutter something to the hot girl you just bumped into? I hope not, that was meant to be a joke! Here’s where I tell you how to talk your way into the arms of the woman you admire, maybe even into her pants and her bed, if you’re good enough (and lucky enough!).

Attract a Girl by Talking your Way into her Heart

To win over a girl’s heart is indeed very exciting. To be a white knight in shining armor and whisk your princess away from the jaws of peril is what fantasies are made of. Everyone wants to be Mr. Smooth, but to actually be one is no easy affair. In the days of yore, it was chivalry and nobility that made gentlemen stand out from the others. But even in these inconsiderate and speedy times, it is chivalry that makes a girl look up and take notice of you. Pick up a book that a girl dropped, open the door for her at a restaurant, step aside as you both walk into an elevator. These simple gestures will take you straight into her good books, and would also make her feel special and well taken care of.

You don’t have to memorize a hundred one liners to start a conversation with a girl on the street. Even a simple statement like ‘the weather’s great, isn’t it?’ can be a great conversation starter (just don’t use it indoors, then this would be called a one liner too). Or better still, a simple “hi” would be great too (wouldn’t work if she’s a hot air hostess, and welcoming you into the plane). If you see a girl waiting for a friend, all you have to say is, ‘it’s annoying to wait alone, isn’t it? My friends are late all the time too…’

All you need to do is be comfortable with yourself. The last thing that a girl would want is to meet someone who’s so jittery that it would only make her more nervous and uneasy. Let the conversation be comfortable and light, and something that would get her reciprocating. Empathize with the situation. Bitch about anything she hates.