August 20, 2020 Review: Fetish and BDSM Dating site (100% free)

I am a full-time single parent, live in a small town, and work a lot of hours. To say that it is hard to meet with people who enjoy the same lifestyle as me, is an understatement! While there is little time to be “me”, I am grateful for the time I do get to spend online at and the connections with others I have made through the website. The technology on the website is top-of-the-line and up-to-date. It is very interactive and the options of activities are endless with all the features such as chat, videos, meeting people, webcams, bulletins and more.

Safety Features

Being a single mom, I found it encouraging that the site takes parental protection into concern. I know some things all sites legally have to say, but they had links to information on the home page to offer advice on making sure my computer was “kid-friendly” when it is supposed to be. I respect that I can be myself on this site, but it also recognizes I am a mom too and need all the tips I can get on ensuring my lifestyle is private, even in my own home.

Under its Protect Kids page, the site provides or suggests a parental control software that a parent can use when accessing the site. The software blocks access to sites such as which has adult content. So, if you’re with children like me, you can make sure your kids are not exposed to your night time ‘fun’ sites. Review: Fetish and BDSM Dating site (100% free)

Special Features

This site offers online magazines and blogs, which are entertaining and a fun touch. The search engine on the site is easy to understand and directs you to where you might be interested in. The only bad thing I can say is the same with all internet sites: anyone can make up an email and get in; there is no way of knowing if who you are dealing with is who the person says he is. I feel that after some time, you can tell if someone is who they say they are, but you are taking a chance in the beginning. Again, this is with every site, and for a good reason. It is to protect the privacy of those who join, which is understandable.

If you’re still not comfortable accessing the site given its naturally risque nature, there is an option to tone down the adult content. You can set content filer to any of these options: Nice, Some Nudity, and Everything. Under your username in the top right corner of the Home page, you can tick ‘Nice’ so that graphic images would be minimized substantially, if not totally. Needless to say, this feature helps people like me a great deal.


I have tried out other sites and found them to be too much to the extreme or dull. The dull sites are the squeaky-clean dating sites and the extreme sites are not as professional as On the other site the two people I interacted with turned out to be scumbags, the site itself ran poorly and messed up my computer, and with that I wondered about my online safety and privacy! I am not the only one who uses the computer in my house, when I close something out I want to feel safe my information is secure and pop-ups will not take over! With you are getting what you want, but in a safe protected environment.

Social Features

There’s lots to do in chat, ‘live model chat’, ‘flash chat’, instant messenger and other social functions. A member can also join special interest groups. The site knows what its patron wants and it supplies these needs in spades. It is primarily a community for hooking up populated with slave sex, BDSM, and all-around fetish enthusiasts. They share videos, discuss kinks, and exchange intimate, highly personal preferences they wouldn’t otherwise dare discuss with anyone in their ‘civilized social circles’. Membership in the site means being chained into this special group of fantasy-living individuals and being whipped into a frenzy of sexual exploration.

Under Search tab, there are options to see who’s online, new matches, members who are within your vicinity, VIP members, as well as do advanced search (an expanded version which allows filtering search using race, sexual orientation, body type, male endowment – which can be further broken down to length, width, and circumcision, female breast size, cup, height, eye color, glasses, hair color, hair length, body hair, pubic hair, and whether you want someone who thinks about the alternative lifestyle is available for Gold members), browse and kink search. It is seriously worth upgrading just for having access to advanced search.

I know for a fact that in most dating sites, you are given much leeway to customize your profile so that people who will stumble into it could have a clear picture of exactly who you are, and not just in a general way, either. Here, you can choose to have a bland, harmless profile (but who would want to have that kind of profile in a BDSM site?) OR have one that depicts your precisely what and how you are, and not in some vague, colorless way, either.

One way to really give people a clear idea is to fill the Questions & Answers tab in your profle where you can answer questions such as ‘What’s your scene?’, ‘How big of a role does BDSM play in your life?’, or ‘Where do you stand on being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during play?’. Other questions that will provide vast insight into your BDSM lifestyle are available for you to answer, too.

Recommendation is an excellent website for fetishists who need an outlet for their… needs. It belongs to a reputable network of dating sites ( which includes other niche sites. That dating site network happens to include another bondage/fetish-specializing site called which has most of the features here. In fact, I’d go right ahead and recommend it if you feel that is just not cutting it for you. Overall, however, ALT does a fine job.

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