Safely Using Free Sex and Adult Dating Sites

If “dating” isn’t really your thing and you want to use the host of free dating sites out there to hook up with singles for sexual encounters, then there are certainly plenty of sites catering to your niche. But like with all things in life, you should proceed with caution.

In fact, on these types of sites, the more caution you use the better off you’ll be.

Like Elvis sang, “Wise men say, only fools rush in.” Take head of those words, because they’re as true as any you’ll ever hear when it comes to free dating sites.

Safely Using Free Sex and Adult Dating Sites

Here are some free tips for safely using adult-oriented dating sites

The Comfort Zone

Most people using adult-based free dating sites usually have a niche or preference. This is a comfort zone you never want to step outside of. If you’re looking for a single-on-single hook-up, for example, don’t cave into temptation and be the third wheel in a couple’s fantasy – you get the idea. Keep things in your wheelhouse, or you may find yourself in a situation you can’t control

Work on More than Text

When you meet someone in your aforementioned wheelhouse, it’s important that you know about this person before you hook up. Even if you’re only planning on a one-night stand, you still have to work on more than just text. A person can say anything, and there are some gifted writers out there. Video conferencing and phone chats will at least give you a better idea.

Patience at all Cost

You may really be riled up and ready to go, but you shouldn’t rush into anything. Meeting online and in person the same night is a bad move. You have to resist that temptation. Sure, you may have the night of your life. But you may also be on a milk carton!

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A Public Size-Up

It’s not the best idea to meet someone at their home straight from the PC. When you set up a meeting, even if it’s for wild sex, meet in a public location where the person you’re meeting can’t try any unwanted funny business. You can size them up better out in the open and decide if you wish to proceed.