6 Games That Make More Fun with Your Sex Partner

Want to try something new with your woman? Want to bring out the animal in her because you need to feel desired? Well, instead of coming right out and telling her that she’s boring and isn’t fulfilling your needs, get what you want by playing games instead.

Check out the following and get your game on tonight:

1- Switch traits The next time you want her to take more of a leadership role in bed, ask her to be you and you can be her amid foreplay. That way, she can be the aggressor and, who knows, she might really enjoy it.

6 Games That Make More Fun with Your Sex Partner

She’ll have to initiate the sex and take control of the scene, especially if that’s always your job.

2- Eat your meal like sex Prepare a dinner date at home and make some food that you can eat with your hands. Some suggestions for sexy food include mussels, oysters, fruit, vegetables, and chocolate fondue.

When you eat each morsel, lick it all around first, then suck it; show her what you will be doing to her body later on that evening. Get her to do the same. Note: Don’t eat too much or you’ll be too full to enjoy sex relationship.

3- Play strip poker Each of you gets to wear no more than four pieces of clothing. Then, with each hand that’s dealt, the loser must remove a piece of clothing. The build up of sexual position will be awesome.

Once you’re both naked, or almost naked, you can start playing poker for sexual favors. Note: If applicable, remove your socks first when you lose. There’s almost nothing funnier-looking than a naked guy with socks on. I found that out the hard way.

4- Describe a look she must fulfil If you’ve always wanted her to look like a hooker, a schoolgirl or even a nurse, now’s your chance to get her to dress like one. Of course, she must act like whichever character she’s dressed up as.

Also, she gets to have you dress up eventually, so prepare to be anyone from a fireman to a massage therapist, and be prepared to fulfils her nastiest fantasy. Of course, you should get to make the initial request so you can set the stage, then allow her to feel free to request anything of you.

6 Games That Make More Fun with Your Sex Partner

5- Write messages on her back One of the cheapest and most interesting games a couple can play involves you tickling her back while trying to convey a sexual message that she must make out. Now, if she guesses what you’re writing correctly, she gets to request any sexual flavor. And if she gets it wrong, you can ask for hours and hours of whatever it is you wrote.

Use your fingers to write something like “Kiss my penis” on her back. She can only request that you repeat a letter once. If she can’t get it, then you will, if you know what I mean.

6- Be strangers Agree to meet at a bar, night clubs but act like you don’t know each other. It may seem strange at first time to meet fuck buddy, but once you get home and start having sex tonight, it’ll feel like the first time.

Once at the bar, where you’ll spot her looking hotter than ever, approach her, ask her name and make small talk. Then, buy her a drink, or five, and ask her to come back to your place. When she agrees (a huge ego booster in front of other guys who’ve been watching this entire episode unfold), take her home and have the best one-night stand of your life.

sex is a game

It’s tough to keep a relationship feeling new, so you may need to spice things up a bit by being someone else for a day. Games always help to add a little kick to an already great relationship. It’s up to you to find out which game works best and get her to touch your salsa. Until next time, be a friendly stranger and drive your girl crazy.

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